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  1. What did I do wrong?The more I read the lower my heart sinks. I got my 50D as a repair replacement for my 40D. So far all the posts I have read give no kudos to the 50D. I do have some high end glass, not a lot, and some all around zoom lenses, all are IS except the 50mm 1:4. Is it all that bad?
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    Are you happy with your photos? If you're happy with your photos, then why worry about your equipment?
  3. I use a 450D and a 5D. The 450D holds up quite well against the 5D. I don't see why the 50D would not too.
    Coming to this forum will generally make one feel bad about whatever equipment it is they own.
  4. I have read some reviews that the 40D actually gives better image quality than the 50D. But then again what were you expecting? Certainly there is no WOW improvement. Even from my 7D upgrade there no BIG significant difference in IQ from my 40D and 30D.
  5. Coming to this forum will generally make one feel bad about whatever equipment it is they own.​
    Why would that be? The equipment does not matter as long as you have a good trained eye and have a sense of photographic composition, there would be no reason for one to feel bad about their equipment. No matter how cheap or high end it is. But if you are one of those that think the camera should take great looking photographs by itself, then no matter what you have, you will always feel bad.
  6. Photogeeks on forums are like a bunch of old ladies sitting at the front window, watching the world go by and complaining about every man, woman and pet in the neighborhood. They cluck like hens on forums and bitch and whine about anything and everything, much of it untrue and unfounded. Remember all the sobs and whining about how out dated and crappy the 40D was 2 years ago? Now it's regarded as the friggen bee's knees for budget cams and nearly walks on water.
    You 50D is a damn fine camera. In my opinion a little better than the 40D: better LCD, better Quick Control Screen, better live view, better handling of exposure in strong backlighting and better fill flash metering with strong backlighting. Plus it has more rez with about the same amount of noise as the 40D. The main gotcha is it is less tolerant of underexposure so shoot RAW and expose to the right. You'll be good to go from ISO 100-1600.
    If it makes you feel any better, the 50D looked really good compared to the new shinny 7D in Roland's pixel peeping comparisons:
  7. My gallery is filled with photos mostly shot with the 50D. I've never found it lacking in any sense of the word when compared to the 40D.
  8. I would rather have a 50 D but I only bought the canon 40d last year and it doesn't make good sense to buy one more of something i know is some better than what I have particularly in the megs of color, but I cant justify it yet, so if you bought because you liked it and could afford it then you must have made a wise choice the same as when you bought the 40d so just use it be open minded with your shots and then you will be happy again,
  9. There seem to be a lot of snobs in the forums that love to hate. It's a bit like bitching about how bad MS Windows is while millions of people use it to work and create art. Or how the government never does anything right while most of us enjoy the freedom that government creates. Or how all american cars are better than japanese while both kinds of cars are really great combinations of high tech machinery and computers.
    One sided, polarizing (as in having to create two opposites in every story), selfjustifying (having a 40D or a 5D and not wanting to buy a new camera) etcetera etcetera etcetera.
    The 50D is a mature product that can create magnificent images. The differences between cameras are minute, the differences between photographers are enormous. Every photographer has his or her likes and dislikes, petpeeves and dreams.
    The 50D does quite nicely when compared to the 7D, a camera which seems to get rave reviews. How can a camera that's only fractionally less good than a near perfect camera be totally bad? That can only be when you enlarge the minute differences until ther're as big as Texas...
    So, just get out and shoot with your camera and silence the critics with good pictures!
    Have fun and don't let those that spend to much time behind their computer annoy you too much!
  10. Relax, Debra, your 50D is a fine camera. I have one, used mainly for high-frame-rate work or shooting wildlife with long lenses, and I can compare it with two preceding 1.6-factor bodies that I had (20D and 40D) and with my wife's new 7D, also with my current 5DII (which is my main camera) and its predecessor the 5D. I am in no doubt that the 50D is an equal or better performer in all respects than the 40D, so don't feel that you did wrong in getting it as a replacement. What I do find is that a bit of work over the careful management of noise is required to get the best out of it from ISO 800 onwards. The 7D is certainly a step forwards in many major respects, but then, it's a lot more expensive and fills a new slot rather than just being the next step in the XXD series, so you'd expect that. In terms of sheer image quality the 5DII is still top of the pile, but again, that's a further big price step up from the 7D and lenses for the same capabilities are bigger, heavier, and more expensive. If (as appears to be the case) you have some good glass, then you are very well set up.
  11. Debra, I was also perturbed to read elsewhere here on the forum that my 50D was a failed camera. It made me feel awful about it, as the camera has performed very well for me, and has turned into my first choice to grab for most situations.
    My advice would be - don't let someone else tell you your camera is not good enough - the answer to how good your camera is lies mostly in you and your work. If there are things your camera is doing that don't satisfy you, check your technique and settings before blaming the equipment. I notice that it is always easier to blame the equipment, or presume that another or better lens, will overcome the problems, when the finger clicking the shutter release is what is causing the problem.
    And of course, the first thing many do after having issues is post up what a piece of garbage such and such a camera system is. Don't get sucked into the blame game...
    Oh, and brand-name dropping is a lot cheaper than dropping the cash it takes to actually purchase a camera. So don't let talk convince you to be unhappy with your equipment.
  12. Debra, I just bought a 7D recently and after doing so, my gf decided that she wanted to upgrade from her 30D but didn't want to spend nearly as much as what the 7D cost. I recommended the 40D because I'd heard that it was a better camera overall than the 50D...until I read a lot more about the 50D. Now my recommendation has changed, and I'm encouraging her to get a 50D if she doesn't mind spending a little extra. It's a great camera. In dpreview's full review of the 7D, it was compared a lot to the 50D, and the 50D did pretty well. I think it's an excellent camera that requires the photographer to actually learn about it in order to get the most out of it, something a lot of people aren't willing to do before they make a judgment about something new. You've got a great camera!
  13. I took advantage of the upgrade 30D to 50D, I have no regrets. Some people expect cameras to be perfect. I am still waiting for that $40,000 perfect car that never has accidents and never needs maintence.
  14. The only thing you did wrong is to give to much weight to whining on the net. The 50D is a very capable camera. I switched to one last May and have been very pleased. Puppy Face and Mattjis have it nailed. I spent a lot of time (way too much time) dithering before buying a 50D last May because all of the nonsense on the web about it has me wondering whether to get a 40D instead. I got the 50D and am glad I did. There are some tests showing slightly more noise (and I really do mean slightly) than the 40D under certain circumstances, but in every other respect, it matches or surpasses the 40D. It has additional advantages beyond those that Puppy Face mentions, such as lens-specific microadjustment. You have a fine camera. Go enjoy it.
  15. The only (major) difference in the 40D and 50D is the MP. The 50D is 15MP and the 40D is 10MP. Both are plenty of pixels. The 50D will have higher res photos at low ISO's and the 40D will handle noise at high ISOs a little better. Not a big difference between the two. If you were happy with the 40D, then you should be happy now (unless you spent a lot of money for not much of an upgrade). Your lenses are fine.
  16. I want to thank all who responded so far. I don't feel as bad about my camera. Most gave encouagement and insight, .Thank you. I am now glad that I found this site. I hope after my initial post you will not label me. I am anxious to learn and to share.
  17. Being happy with the 40D wasn't the issue, it was damaged and with the insurance I had when I sent it in to be repaired it wasn't cost effective so they gave me what was available, which was the 50D.
  18. See if you can guess what camera I used to take this picture below. Basically at the end of the day it's how you put that camera and lens to work. This shot could have been taken by any camera, from the XTi and up to the 5D mkII and you probably wouldn't know the difference unless I printed them wall sized and had them parked next to each other.
    The question at the end of the day is what are you using the camera for and can you use all the features of your particular system and is that system limiting your ability to make those pictures? Ie, not enough cross AF for fast action photos? Not enough high-ISO for low light work? etc etc. And you will only find the answers for yourself after you click that shutter lots and lots of time while taking pictures that really excites you.
    Don't forget that a reviewer for any one camera is viewing it through their experience and what they want and need out of a system. Those needs may or may not line up with yours and you need to take what they say with a grain of salt. Just go out and enjoy your shoot!
    (By the way, the shot was taken with a 28mm f/1.8 USM and a $20 EOS Elan 2 on Fuji 200 from the local supermarket. Post processed of course.)
  19. Puppy Face wrote: Photogeeks on forums are like a bunch of old ladies sitting at the front window, watching the world go by and complaining about every man, woman and pet in the neighborhood. They cluck like hens...
    LOL Thanks for that PF. So true.
  20. Debra,
    you wrote:
    I don't feel as bad about my camera.​
    You should feel GOOD about your camera, not just not as bad. They sent you a BETTER one than you had before. Go enjoy it.
  21. Hi Debra
    Not sure if you're still following this thread or not. In my view, there are at least two ways to enjoy photo gear:
    The first is to enjoy using the equipment and, of course, to enjoy the resulting images. The second (and I am not minimizing or mocking it) is to enjoy the reaction that (we hope ) our gear generates in others.
    Now, not too many folks are going to cop to being a member of the second camp, but most are to some degree even though they are loathe to admit it.
    Your 50D is welcome on my porch anytime you want to sell it. As much as I enjoy my 30D I am bound to enjoy the 50D even more, right?
    In the end, we can either use gear that pleases us or pleases someone else.
    No matter what you end up shooting, enjoy it, OK?
  22. The problem was that the 40 to 50D upgrade was very incremental...people was underwhelmed. Think about a 7D instead.
  23. The problem was that the 40 to 50D upgrade was very incremental...people was underwhelmed. Think about a 7D instead.​
    She already has the 50D. Perhaps you should help her out with a refund and a healthy donation towards a camera that costs $900 more.
  24. Hey all :) It was interesting to see such responses. I feel this will be a good place for honest critique and information. I will eventually move to some of the other forums here. I didn't realize how much I sounded like I don't appreciate my equipment. I do, I was just startled at how bad it sounded. I am still in a constant learning process and can see that there is much to learn. I like the last post... now that's a good idea! :)

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