My 2nd Shooter won't give me her photos

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    Sorry if this seems wise after the event, but on the one occasion I have used a second shooter (at the bride's insistence - and I made sure she paid extra !), they used my equipment, my SDHC card, and I took the equipment back immediately after the reception.
  2. Not if the word gets around that this is what you will shoot a wedding for.
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  3. This is the problem with a 'one-time-deal-to-get-me-started' approach. It does not stop there. The referrals that you got from this bride undoubtedly included some mention of $180 for the job. I guess that would be okay if you're a hobbyist, but it is not sustainable as a pro.
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  4. Original post is from January, this is not likely being actively watched anymore.
  5. I am still watching like a hawk!
  6. I'm not a wedding photog but shooting a wedding for $180 is beyond insane. Any photog's time worth way more than $24 an hour. I was a second shooter for a relative back in the 1970's. He wouldn't touch a job then for less than $1,000. At $180, you're throwing your services away. As for the second shooter, hound her till the end of time!
  7. On a not-unrelated line of discussion, I have been watching Frankenstein movies lately. Son of Frankenstein is not much as far as acting goes, but fantastic Expressionist sets!

    You will recall that Baron Frankenstein was reanimating dead flesh. Pretty much like this drive-by posting from last January. It didn't turn out well for the baron.

    Let the dead rest in peace.
  8. The lesson learned is be careful who you hire. Provide them with the memory card so it is your property and write a contract. Only pay 25% up front and the rest when you have your memory card back.
  9. Definitely well past the point of being helpful, but...

    The last wedding I did was all on film. My second shooter(who did a great job) only got two rolls at a time. She'd usually "check in" one exposed rolls and I'd give a replacement. We worked together on several events and she was fine with this, since a typical event would be 10-15 rolls of 35mm(and probably as many of 120, although I was the one clicking the shutter for all the 120) and didn't want the responsibility of having too many in her possession.

    BTW, she also got her check from me when we were doing the finish up/pack up at the end of the event. I'd have it made up beforehand, but wouldn't actually hand it off until the end.

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