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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by chris c, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. I will have to turn on the voice changer for this post. My name is ____ and I am a noctiholic. I purchased this massive piece of glass and am here to reflect on what this life altering (my wife left me with the kids and I lost the house to foreclosure) decision. This is the wildest lens I have ever used. I tried to tell myself that it could pass as a normal lens but realistically there is no way you would want to sling this monster onto your shoulder everyday. I purchased this beauty from poon @ Hong Kong supply and I have blown through more film since that day that I typically expend in 6 months. The lens is really a lot of fun. And I have concluded that there is absolutely no way that you can rationalize this purchase. If you love the fingerprint of this lens there is no substitute. By the same token do not buy this lens unless you already process either a 35 lux/cron or 50 lux/cron. This is the sports car that is way too expensive but you take out of the garage on summer days. When your running it you remember why you bought it in the first place. There is no way to rationalize spending this kind of money on a lens unless your willing to accept that it is an occassional user but one which may very well produce some of your most interesting results. So I hope that these passing words from from one who has succumbed to the Noctilust will prove useful to others of you who have faced the same temptation. Wife, kids, house...all can be replaced... how do you replace the pleasure you can get from wielding a beer keg on the end of your M-7.
  2. the noctilust i can relate too, the midday shot at F8 I cannot unless your saying that you shot that while balancin a beer keg on your lens, in which case its rather amazing.
  3. Yeah! Re-shoot that pic by moonlight. It could be a whole lot more interesting, not to mention "requiring" that Noct!
  4. Actually, it's interesting to see shots taken with the Noctilux at middle to small apertures. So many people seem to assume that the lens is only good for low-light, wide-open stuff.
  5. how much heavier is the noct (compared to cron) exactly? I mean it can't be heavier than a 50mm lens on a minolta or an olympus.
  6. Walter, Olympus OM lenses (and cameras) are very small and light, even compared to Leica M.
  7. >>>>>how much heavier is the noct (compared to cron) exactly? I mean it
    can't be heavier than a 50mm lens on a minolta or an olympus.
    -- Walter Chiu , November 13, 2002; 01:37 A.M. Eastern <<<<<

    Walter--take your Leica and 50-chron. Now tape a full can of Coke to the front
    of your lens. Now pick it up and see there's a difference in weight. The lens is
    a boat-anchor.
  8. xav


    'how much heavier is the noct (compared to cron) exactly?'
    630 vs 240 grams
  9. Thiss is the CLASSIC case of noctiholism with concommittant
    film abuse. I recommend aggressive therapy with hospitalization
    at the Leica academie for a month.
  10. Hey! How about a nudity warning? ;-)
  11. The cure is simple.

    You send to me your Leica M and the Noctilux. I will send you a Hexar AF (black or silver your choice). A year of active use you'll be cured.

    If you want to go onto this program let me know. But please note space is limited (and I only have two hexars).

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