Music on website.... love it or hate it?

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by alwin_lai, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Just wondering what are your thoughts on those music when you load up a photographer's website? Do you think it adds to the ambience and emotion or it is cheesy and sucks up bandwidth?
  2. Hate.
  3. It makes me think the photographer doesn't think enough of his work to let me view it without specific music to influence my mood. It makes me wonder if the photographer, who would undoubtedly be upset if someone used one of his precious images without permission, might be using the music without permission. If it's the site of someone I already know and like, I'll take the time to hit the "mute" button on my keyboard or to yank the headphones off my head. If I don't know the person, I immediately go to another site and will only return by mistake. Come to think of it, I can't stand being asked about music on photography sites. Does that answer you question?
  4. Hate it. Remember that people may be at work, or in a place where they are not expecting noise.
  5. Hate. And anything that uses Flash.
  6. Hate it.
  7. Instant click on my mouse's 'back' key, bye bye.
  8. Dislike immensely and marketing surveys indicate that it's a poor practice if you wish to keep viewers engaged any length of time.
  9. It's a bad idea for many reasons. Save it for very specific presentation situations.
  10. Hate.
    Hmmmm....that's 9 hates and 0 likes. I sense a trend here.
  11. #10. Hate. I will turn it off immediately or leave the site if nothing immediately catches my interest.
  12. Just to add a female opinion, not that it's going to be any different! <g>
    11) Hate, and I will neither return nor recommend the site to others. (In fact, I am likely to warn others away.)
  13. +1 more for hate
  14. Hate it. I usually have different audio running, and when I hear this stuff pop over top of it, well, I just want it gone, instantly. Most of the time that means a back button off the site.
  15. Hate it, as well as 'Flash' sites.
  16. I wonder what some wedding photographers think about this. BTW, I too would hit the mute button only if I am not annoyed already by the slow loading flash count down.
  17. Hate. I am fully capable of choosing my own music, thank you very much. Unless the music really adds some value that is, perhaps a soundtrack of a bird while watching it etc. I'd stay away from the site in the future.
  18. Neither, just add the "Sound Off" button so I can choose.
  19. Hate it. and it kills any potential you might have for surreptitious cubicle surfers to visit your site. <br />
  20. wow! it's almost unanimous, music is out for the count. My two cents: in 99% of cases it's tacky.
  21. A question. Why are you asking photographers who probably won't visit your Website outside of reviewing it for comments or criticism (like here)? Design your Website for your customers and clients. If we don't like it, that's our problem. Many wedding and portrait photographers use music because, if done right, it enhances the visitor's experience.
  22. Yeahhh, I'm all for music if it's done well and click with the pics. I don't get why all these folks hate music so much...Music is one of the few thing that's more universal than photography.
  23. Leslie: nobody said they hate music. What they don't like is a web site playing music they haven't asked to hear, possibly interfering with other background audio tasks they have running, munching up a Skype session, disturbing co-workers, requiring the visitor to re-configure the audio settings on their computer/device for balance, or any number of other things. A gallery on a web site, navigated to via links that clearly say With/Without Music - that sort of thing is the polite way to go, if the photographs so desparately need the music to go with them.
  24. Music starts, I'm gone.
  25. Yeah Matt, I know it's music *on the website* and not music itself people hate but I *do* get a sense of anti music sentiment here. FWIW, I think the artist should present his work however he/she wants to. If the viewer don't like the music, they wlll lower the volume or mute it...not a big deal to me. But it seems it's a huge deal for most here.
    Also, I never said pictures should 'need' music to go with it. IMO, photos should stand on their own. not with music, caprions nor titles etc...But they can enhance the viewing experience. Rarely maybe, but they could.
    I would, on the other hand, get annoyed if a site ask me if I wanted music or not. Large jpeg or medium or small...Caption / title or not etc, etc...Just friggin' present your work the way you want.
  26. Hate it.
    When I am helping people with their websites I always recommend against any choice that will do anything on the viewer's computer without their direct input.
    A good website will not interfere with anything else that the person might be doing on their computer at the time. That means that it should not make any noise (they might be listening to itunes or streaming audio or watching tv on another monitor), it should not resize the browser, etc.
    Designing a web site that fails to be considerate of the user shows a problem with an underlying business philosophy of whoever the web site is representing. Avoid doing anything that might turn your users off your company by being inconsiderate of them.
  27. Another vote against it. It's completely wrong to force the unexpected on your viewers. We're also in the era of hand-held devices and forcing heavy data like music only costs your audience money and speed. You can expect them to be backing out without viewing.
  28. I don't like it at all. I hit the 'mute' button on my keyboard immediately. It doesn't make me leave the site, though, because it doesn't change the photos I was there to see anyways.

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