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  1. What is it?

    MultiPro Xpander is high quality custom made 35mm film support for Minolta Dimage MultiPro film scanner.
    It allows you to scan your 35mm film in various custom formats (24x36, 24x58, 24x59, 24x65, 24x66, you name it) up to maximum scan area of 25x84mm in true 4800dpi mode, while it lays perfectly flat under single glass surface of MultiPro's HA-P3 Multi Format Attachment to achieve maximum edge to edge sharpness.
    It consists of two parts: Holder and Mask. Together, they lay in Universal Holder UH-P1 instead of lower part of HA-P3 and are pressing precisely positioned film against HA-P3's upper glass.
    Only very small area around the scan opening is pressing the film against the glass. That helps relieving inner tensions in film that come from accumulated heat during scan and minimize possibility for Newton rings and unsharp zones in scan area.

    Holder is standard part that sits tightly in universal Holder UH-P1, while Masks are exchangeable - you need one for every format you use.
    Typically you would want:
    1x Holder (basic needed part that holds Mask)
    1x 135 Mask (24x36mm)
    1x 135-FF Mask (25x37mm) -> Full Frame for classic BW!
    1x Mask Xpan (24x65mm)
    Other format Masks available on request (Horizon, Noblex, Widelux...)

    What do you think?
    Well, it's not available. Yet…
    But it just might be!

    It is something that I did for myself last year and when I shared the idea with people in MultiPro Group couple of days ago they encouraged me to make a batch of these. So, I'm about to really do it.

    The one that I did for myself is not really finished product, but it does what it’s supposed to. I’m using it to scan my BWs in true full frame and I’m getting consistent edge to edge sharpness while I can comfortably use Scanhancer (thanks Erik!) to get beautiful grain.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in such solution so I can make some estimates.
    And, of course, let me know what you think and share the ideas.
    I’m attaching PDF so you can get the feeling how it looks like.

  2. Few people contacted me as reply to this post, so I'm adding some more info.
    I hope that it is ok.
    This is really happening. I've decided to start the production and accepting orders now. At least for one batch of these.
    In the meantime designed evolved to offer medium format masks availability too.
    Complete offer for masks now is:
    True 4800 dpi masks
    24x36 - 135 Standard
    25x37 - 135 Full Frame
    24x58 - Horizon
    24x59 - Widelux
    24x65 - XPan
    24x66 - Noblex
    25x84 - King Size
    Medium format masks
    57x42.5 - 645
    57x57 - 6x6
    57x71 - 6x7
    57x78 - 6x8
    57x85 - 6x9
    I'm attaching the pdf with redesign, so you can figure out what this is about. If you're intereste, mail me. Or join multipro group for more info.

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