Multiple exposure with 645 AFD

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  1. I just recently got a Mamiya 645AFD to replace my 645E. I really love the AFD and the auto focus lenses and so far the camera has been
    very easy to learn and use. One question I have though that the manual does not address is about the multi exposure. I know how to use it,
    but will it the camera remain in the multi exposure mode and "remember" the number of shots I have set into it after the camera has been
    turned off for a few days.

    There is a double exposure shot I want to do, but one shot is here, and another is in a different city I will go to at a later time, so of course
    the camera will be off for a few days between the double exposure. So just wondering if the camera will allow me to do that. I suppose that is
    one thing I miss about the 645E... it was ALL manual and anything you set STAYED that way until you manually moved a knob or switch.

    Thanks so much in advance for any knowledge and answers to this question.

  2. I read something about that in the 645AFD manual, I can't recall exactly what it was (bangs head against wall). I vaguely recall that turning power off will take the 645 out of ME mode, but you can just put it right back in to ME mode. I have the 645AFD manual in PDF format, its available on Mamiya's website too.
  3. From the 645 Manual

    *When the shutter release mode selector lever is set to "L" (power off), all the
    settings aside from the selected mode are reset to the default values.

    Not sure exactly what that means but hope it helps.

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