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  1. Excuse me...Can anyone tell me what the biggy is about the MP? Alot of people
    want one. The black lacquer shows up all fingerprints and the rewind knob is
    slower than the angled rewinder of earlier Ms. The rewind trigger (R) and the
    VF lever are smaller and, for me at least, harder to access and use..

    Whats the deal? I can see spending large on a M7 because of its AE features but
    the MP appears to be a M6 in vintage clothing. Fit'N Finish? Boulderdash!
  2. Hard to justify the price except it's their best made mechanical RF in the M6 series, but to be honest, a used M6 will do as well except for those with big wallets that want the VF and shutter improvements made to the M6 series. I own an MP but after using an M7 for a few hours, I see your point.
  3. It's old school.
  4. If you want to buy a new, mechanical M Leica, the MP is the only game in town. It also just happens to be about the very best made Leica, ever.
  5. It's beautiful.
  6. right or wrong might be a matter of taste....
    Until you look for a 0.58 or 0.85 finder.
    Then, a classic M6 won't fill the bill.
  7. "If you don't like the apples, don't climb the tree!"
  8. Is this a vanilla ice cream vs chocolate ice cream debate?
  9. Mechanical Perfection is a good slogan.
  10. Better than an M4?
  11. I wanted a new Leica, I already had some old ones. So theres one factor (although probably not "justification") I didn't want something reliant on batteries. I liked the idea of the passport warranty, it's probably the only new Leica film camera I'll ever buy. While I'm young, you can't take it with you, a fool and his money, etc, etc.

    There really is no good reason to spend that kind of money on a manual mechanical camera, even if it has an angled rewinder and VF preview and rewind levers; that is, unless you want to.
  12. It is a gorgeous machine in which function is perfectly expressed in form. It's industrial

    But both of these claims can be made for many other Leicas (take your pick, name your
    preference). Three schools of thought exist as regards the MP: there are those that already
    have one (or several); there are those who wish they did (and will not be satisfied until they
    do); and there are those who don't want one (and will never be satisfied until everyone else
    stops wanting one).

    Er, what was the question again?

  13. Paul, in the end are you looking for arguments to sell one of yr cameras? The M7 may have some additional functions but a Leica shooter doesn't really need them. If you master the MP you could shoot just a fast as an M7 with Aperture value. The MP is purely mechanical. If it ever fails, it can always be repaired. The M7 also, but since it has electronics inside it will be more difficult I assume. The MP is discreet, silent and just a gorgeous camera. Would never sell mine fo an M7.... . MP shooters will continue to shoot when all batteries of all other cameras are exhausted. The M7 is nice but the MP is just more Leica M to me.
  14. A mechanical black laquered MP will hold its value much longer than a anodized electronic M7.
  15. "Can anyone tell me what the biggy is about the MP? Alot of people want one."

    If the sales of new ones are any indication, hardly anyone fancies an MP anymore. Second-hand perhaps. The MP was an attempt by Leica's former management to amalgamate enough iconic touches to lure buyers away from purcahsing older models (M4, M2, M3) second-hand. It is often stated in defence of the MP that it has an upgraded viewfinder and improved shutter, but in fact both could have been applied to the M6TTL in production without necessitating a new model. Inside of collector circles, the MP is known as the Franklin Mint M ;-)
  16. "... Alot of people want one."

    I want two of them. Im about to get the second one, I hope.
  17. Leon: No, not looking to sell at this time. Just trying to figure the betterments of the MP. I did notice that the MP shutter sounded like a zing, slightly different than the previous sounds. The rewind appeared slightly smoother as well. In both cases diiferent than my one yr old M7.
  18. I wonder how much heavier it is that the m6 myself...I'd buy one in a second if I could justify the grand on aesthetics - but my wallet would never forgive me.
  19. Whats the deal? I can see spending large on a M7 because of its AE features

    I can't, sorry. Sooner buy a Nikon, which does all those things a lot better. If you are into the all-mechanical Leica thing buy an M3/M2. Both cams have stood the test of time and are so much sweeter.

    Now, for those 'Doubting Thomas' types, have a little think. They have managed 50 odd years, so, why will they not manage another 50.

    Some folks just love to empty their pockets for the latest and they think.

    Just a few thoughts.
  20. It's pure heaven. Best camera I own. I'll be buried with it.
  21. Very true about many products.
  22. "I'll be buried with it."
    What type of film and how many canisters of it are you planning to be buried with, just in case you have an opportunity to use the MP? I hope you're not even considering any other lenses except the very best ASPH variety. They don't allow VC lenses through the pearly gates.
  23. Hi, Paul. I have two ancient and very good performers Leica M2 and M5. Recently, i have bought a silver chrome Leica MP. Why MP and not M7? Because i want the mechanical shutter and manual TTL exposure. Why the MP and not M6? Because the viewfinder of MP is sensibly better than M6, the best from the time of Leica M3 and the body construction is at same quality level of the Leica M2, M3, M4 and M5.
    OK, the rewind knob is slower than M7 or M6, but i don't care.
  24. I'm learning ! Grazie - Paulo
  25. The a la carte program is a very nice touch - if you can afford it. There is no biggy about the MP, but if you have the money you can buy a beautiful, new, and personalised M Leica. I like the chrome 0.72 with the old style rewind and the British racing green leather - but unless I win the lotto I'll never get one!
  26. I am a shooter, not a collector. If the MP had TTL flash ability, I might consider it, but it
    does not. For the price of one MP, I have two M6TTL's with DAG flare free VF optics, black
    Leica logos on the front and M3 advance levers. Not collector's items, but infinately
    usable. Sure, the MP is smoother in advance, but even used a pair would be about 5K. That
    is not money well spent when you are funding your own photo essays.

    If you go and look at the period of time when you can see what cameras National
    Geographic shooters used online, from late 2001 until early 2006, when it comes to Leica,
    you will see 90% M6, the other 10% M7, no MP's. I would love an MP but much prefer the
    best "Shooters" camera Leica makes: The M6 TTL.

    Now...that MP 3 LHSA kit in black? Oh baby I wish someone would give me one of
  27. I had an MP3 purchased from Popflash and then sold it. I didn't think the built quality was
    as good as the black paint M6ttl bodies I already have. And the advance was noticably not
    as smooth especially with the Rapidwinder. I ended up sending two M6TTL's to DAG for the
    finder upgrade.
  28. "MP 3 LHSA kit in black"

    No TTL on this either...
  29. "No TTL on this either..."

    No, but it is one heck of a collectable.

    Honestly, the camera I really want to collect is a mint or near mint M3 DS w/ a matching 50
    2.0 or 2.8. I turn 40 in about 6 weeks so I might put that out there...:)
  30. The MP is the MP. Simple as a Leica can be. Great finder, super quiet shutter. Black lacquer is OK if one likes it: mine is robust chrome. The rewind knob in the end proves as fast as a lever; and if you take considerate shots, you won't be changing films at such a rate. Rewind trigger and VF lever do work perfectly well. Plus, it is said to be the best made Leica ever, can work without batteries, is more compact than the M7/M6TTL and has a nice classic look.
    Simply put: one can choose between M7 if he likes AE and electronic shutter, or MP if he does not; price is the same. Of course used M6's are competitors to the MP; but this is down to whether one prefers an used camera, or a new one; the new one has a complete set of improvements.
  31. Pocket sized.
  32. Here we go again... Look here:
  33. "Because the viewfinder of MP is sensibly better than M6, the best from the time of Leica M3 and the body construction is at same quality level of the Leica M2, M3, M4 and M5."

    Contact me off-line. I have a very nice bridge I would like to sell you...

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