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  1. Hi,

    I'm having an issue with a Leica MP where the far left side of the frame is underexposed.
    I took the camera to a shop here in Austin and they mentioned that the shutter was slightly off at 1/500th and 1/1000th of a second, but they did not necessarily see how that would cause this issue.
    I've done some testing and notice the problem occurring specifically at those speeds. It is also much more visible on wider lenses (very noticeable with 24mm or 28mm).Any advice on how to tackle this? Standard CLR?

    Thank you

    Untitled (14).jpg Untitled (9).jpg 000077140024 2.jpg
  2. I don't know anything about the MP but if it's a standard focal plane shutter, it probably has shutter brakes and various tension adjustments. You need an experienced Leica service person to sort it out. I had a Nikon F with a similar problem and sold it because repair parts were no longer available. Shouldn't be an issue with the MP.
  3. Shutter curtain speed issues seem common in Ms.
    I guess an average shop isn't equipped to test FP shutters for even exposure?
    Time for a CLA, maybe send an example picture along with the camera.
  4. Your slow speeds are likely sounding a bit sluggish as well. On the off chance the camera was purchased new and still under Leica's Passport warranty, then it's time to take advantage of that. Otherwise, it seems it's time for a CLA.
  5. Precision Camera here did the initial inspection. They works on Leica cameras and offer CLA.

    Is testing focal plane shutters for even exposure a thing? Should I been looking for a repair shop that can do that in addition to CLA?
  6. I can't remember where I saw it, but there was an article about how to build your own shutter tester that I think was based on a Leica device. It consisted of some sort of spinning drum, and let you see how the shutter performed across the entire frame. I'll look around and see if I have a copy as I haven't found it online. Hint for the youngsters- not everything interesting is available online!
  7. A proper CLA (Clean, Lube, and Adjust) should include everything - including testing and shutter adjustment.
  8. It is not an unusual problem for a Leica. Any repair facility worth a damn is able to test a focal place shutter at several points and will see deviations from one side to the other of the shutter movement.
    It is a trivial adjustment for the experienced Leica tech.
  9. Sorry if I added confusion. - I'm no camera repair person, so I don't know what it takes to get your shutter right, after opening the camera up.
    You need that CLA and the open question is just whom to trust and hire. Basing that decision on a front desk clerk's ability to predict what exactly needs to be done is maybe not the best idea; i.e. equipping that guy with a "your shutter IS(!) slightly off"-gauge seems cake cutting, as long as the tech will know what to do.
  10. SCL


    If you are covered under warranty,
    Leica can do it. If not, the top repair persons in the USA, who i can highly recommend are Don Goldberg (DAG), Youxin Ye, and Sherrie Krauter, all of whom I have used over the years. Gus Lazzardi also comes highly recommended. If you want it done right these are the people. Google them for phone or email contact and get in touch with them to get an estimated cost and timeframe for the CLA. Also be aware USPS and other delivery services have recently extended their delivery times due to COVID and the approaching holiday season.
  11. Youxin is a busy man! CLA quotes for an MP:
    $280 YYE (4 months)
    $375 Golden Touch (5 weeks)
    $425 TLC (5 weeks)
    $485 DAG (6-8 weeks)
  12. Dumb question, do your WA lenses have lens shades?
  13. Sherry Krauter fixed a similar problem on my M2 as part of a CLA around 9 years ago.
    She's not a great communicator and her payment methods at the time were so last century (money order sent by snail mail!), but the camera is still running so no complaints.

    The DAG turnaround does not really correspond with what I hear, but maybe he has shortened his waiting list by upping his prices - it kind of looks that way.
  14. They have shades. I tested the 24 & 28 with and without them.

    Prices seem to have gone up across the board. I went with Gus.

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