MP rangefinder modification to M6ttl

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by paul_sharratt, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. My M6TTL is in for a CLA and I was offered an MP modification to the rangefinder patch (increased contrast - great in low light). Has anyone had this modification done to their M6 (or other M body) and is it worth the extra cost.
  2. Apparently, it is. At least, that's what Sherry Krauter told me some time ago. I haven't had it done in any of my M6TTL bodies simply because I just learned to live with a flaring viewfinder, and because the flare occurs so seldom (more often when your subject is backlit, or the light is coming from the side). I may have it done in one of the bodies... just because, but not because I need it.
  3. Paul,
    what is the cost for this mod? What is the turnaround time to do it?
  4. Or you could just get the SHADE for $15:
  5. Paul,
    Sherry Krauter, regarding the modification:
    "Labour is $220.00, and the Part is $80.00, plus shipping"​
    Turnaround time is in constant flux. Call to find out.
  6. I find the fix very useful.
    I had it done by Leica a few years ago and no viewfinder flare anymore. If you shoot a lot indoors where you have
    different light sources, it is a huge step un comfort and speed (for me).

  7. I had Sherry do it last year. I have an original "classic" M6 and I consider it a worthwhile upgrade for the same reasons
    as Didier. I had mine done when I sent the M6 to her for a CLA and meter repair.


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