Moving Raw files unchanged to hard drive from iPhoto

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  1. I'm still being daft. Shooting in Raw + Jpeg - download camera to iPhoto. Finish with two images CR2 and JPEG with same number next to each other . Add keyword CR2 and split into two events. Now want to move the Raw files to another version of iPhoto on external hard drive. Select all in the Raw CR2 event and export to a new folder on desk top. ... Opened folder to check and they are now all JPEGs and not the CR2 files I expected.
    Guess I am being stupid - or just don't understand Raw... Is there a way?
  2. Mike, try the way I work with raw files. Do not import them into iphoto at all. Select only the JPG photos and import them, and then manually move the raws from the card into a folder on the desktop.
    If you are exporting to the desktop from iphoto, make sure you select "Original" in the type. Not anything else. But I avoid the problems you are experiencing by just not importing raws into iphoto.
  3. Why shoot Raw+JPEG only to not use the Raw files? For me, I only import Raw files (although I use Aperture). I only need the JPEG on the rare occasion a Raw file is corrupt. My guess is that the Raw CR2 Event does not have the actual Raw files OR you exported out as a JPEG.. In the export menu you should have an option "current" to keep the current file type. Keep in mind that an exported Raw will NOT have any post-processing applied to it. It will be the original Raw file regardless of what you may have done in iPhoto.
  4. when you select the image form the iphoto librairy and drag and drop them to your desktop, only the JPEG preview is move. You want to EXPORT the file as Original (that way you get your raw file, BUT i think without the adjustment you have made).
    In a really near future you should switch for a better software like Lightroom .. Iphoto have is limit, and you probably gonna reach them quickly and restart all your hard work later.. might as well start correctly with a bigger software made for that.. just a suggestion.
    * i also dotn see the point of shoothing raw+ jpeg anymore.. personal choice ; )
  5. The problem with iPhoto is that your images are buried inside the "iPhoto Library" which is a package file. The good news is that there's an actual file system in there if you k now how to get at it.
    1. Open Finder
    2. Go to your "Pictures" folder
    3. Find the file called iPhoto Library
    4. Right click or option click on it
    5. Choose "Show Package Contents"
    6. Look in the "Masters" folder
    7. Your RAW files will be in there somewhere. Sometimes they are in the right place by date, but sometimes they are filed under the date they were imported into iPhoto.
    I don't like iPhoto or Aperture, because the filesystem is abstracted from the presentation. It's all find and good until you want to do something with your images that Apple didn't anticipate. Also all your metadata is stored in a database, not in the file itself. So if you mess up your database, you'll still have photos, but it will just be a disorganized file pile.
    I organized everything in Lightroom, convert RAW to DNG when importing, and write all metadata back into the DNG. At least then the metadata moves with the file in case I ever mess up my Lightroom catalogue.

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