moving pictures so I can print them....

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by ardenpress, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Is there a way short of finding the original cards they are on in order to make prints??? I think that pictures I have already put on the desktop cannot be printed and if I could I think they would me miniscule.
  2. Did you not copy the files to your computer? Can you search for them on the computer?
    It may be that your pictures on the desktop are just icons for shortcuts to the original files.
    What operating system are you using on your computer, Windows or Mac?
    If Windows, right-click on the picture on the desktop, select Properties from the context menu, and find the Location field. That shows where the file is located.
  3. Well, I guess Ed wasn't interested in answers, he doesn't' seem to have come back.

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