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  1. Many of us recognized the Grand Canyon, but there are many other canyons around this Earth. Please, let's see what you have seen. For those of us who are planing the next "bucket list" vacation, the location would be super. We just might show up at your door step! Bessa I, G filter, UFX400 @ 320, Obsidian Aqua & V800 scan. Aloha, Bill
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    A very small section of Bryce Canyon - essentially approaching from the rim to the entrance of the Angel Loop - one of the shorter, more popular and less demanding trails. Well worth the visit. My guide told me she does it on snowshoes during the winter....I said "no thanks".
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    If you don't mind, Bill, I'll add another one which is infrequently visited by Americans - the Vikos Gorge in northern Greece. It is the 2nd deepest gorge on earth. This entrance from the village of Monodendri drops 2000 ft very rapidly. The trek to the nearest takeout point is about 5 miles.
  4. The Welsh for gorge is 'ceunant'; like most things in the UK our gorges are not on the world scale for size, but they have other merits.....
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  5. Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado.
  6. Island in the Sky, Canyonlands, Utah.
    Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Wyoming.
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  7. Leaving "Oops" and heading for Tennessee...
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  8. Another scene from Bryce Canyon. This is at dawn, hiking down the Fairyland trail.
  9. Titus Canyon, Death Valley. A steep and narrow canyon with a one-way road through it.
  10. Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP isn't bad. Close to my home too! This is the tallest cliff in Colorado.
  11. Derbyshire, England
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  12. I hate when I do stupid stuff!
  13. Looks like Cades cove to me, great shot.
  14. You got it, Robert, and thanks!
  15. Vallone di S. Spirito in the Majella Group, easily the deepest and longest gorge in Italy. It drops from Monte Amaro (2793m) down to the village of Fara S. Martino (440m), the lower entrance/exit being a long corridor just a few meters wide. Ascent is not difficult (just trekking on the gorge's sides), but it is a gruesome affair and rarely repeated. Descent from the point of this photo is only possible through rappelling (25-30 pitches with 50 or 60m ropes). ScannenApp0012.jpg
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  16. Secret Canyon, Az, near Page

  17. Olduvai Gorge

    Early hominid sites
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  18. "Grand Canyon of the East", the Genesee River flowing through Letchworth State Park, NY untitled-0789-3.jpg

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