Mouth and Gate/Door (symbols)

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Julie H, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. A door that's sealed shut becomes more than a door. Now it's a portal to another world and dimension. This facade reminded me of Lewis Baltz' facades.

  2. I don't think your picture is like Baltz's. To me, Baltz's are anti-doors. They go nowhere; they're packaging, caps, lids. For example, this, like Baltz's, is not a door:


    Yours, on the other hand, has depth and solidity that does imply content, an other side.
  3. There you go ... a mouth and a door, together :)


  4. ... two doors! ... and a dog! I love it!

    She seems to be having a disagreement with that big brass knob. And, for some reason (I know it's not so) she seems to be on this side of the glass. The dog ... I love the dog (okay, I love all dogs). The picture does not work without the dog (or the strip of brass at the bottom of the door). Dogs (bridging man and nature, even if they're cast iron) and doors ... this requires some serious verbosity. Luckily, I'm pooped. All thinking must cease until further notice.
  5. I think you are spot on about the brass bar, and given the tight framing around the dog, it's importance to the overall picture cannot be better underscored. I have always felt, human face behind a closed door is sort of a surprising element. You are right about the connection to nature. This was a cabin in the woods next to a creek.

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