Mounting my Ebony

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by andrew_morgan, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. Folks,

    Can anyone tell me which arca swiss style mounting plate will be best
    for my Ebony 45s. I would prefer if anyone knows the right one from
    Really Right Stuff as I want to get the L bracket for my XPAN from
    them as well.

  2. Also, any idea of how to mount this to my tripod (a manfrotto) without a centre column when it has a centre column???
  3. As you have no doubt noticed, the tripod mounting bushing for the Ebony is located at the back of the camera so that unless the back is extended the camera appears to be very much "forward heavy" when mounted on the tripod. I doubt that this is a real problem but it does make the camera look like it's not very well balanced on the tripod. In order to deal with that "problem" I use a 4" long Arca style mounting plate made by Kirk Enterprises. Using a long plate like that allows the camera to be mounted somewhat behind its normal position on tripod so that the rear of the camera then hangs out over the back and makes the whole set up look more balanced. I don't know whether RRS makes a plate like that or not.
  4. Andrew, I have this camera and RRS recommended the B22 plate which works fine with it. I used this plate with its long axis in the side-to-side plane, so the knob which tightens the clamp sticks out backwards, ie towards you. Since then, however, I have bought the Linhof 3-way levelling head which doesn't need a separate plate because it screws directly into the camera. The ability to set each plane separately I find to be an advantage over wobbly ball-heads!
  5. I'm with Frank. I know Ebony's are beautiful, but...
  6. I thought it was just me....
  7. LOL! What a great subject line...

    Regarding L bracket for Xpan - I would recommend not to. I favor RRS products but in this case the Kirk plate is a really fine product, integrating well with the shape of the Xpan body. Recommended. I do not know about your photography, but I shoot extremely few verticals with my Xpan, so an L-plate does not make sense. For the few verticals I shoot, I can tilt the tripod head.
  8. What is your Ebony's name? What position is best for mounting her?
  9. If you do mount your ebony, I trust you'll at least send her roses the next day!;-)
  10. When I researched the net to find information on "Ebony" cameras, my search came up with mostly Black porn sites. And you know I really never had a clue.

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