Motorcycle races, What AF mode?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by marknagel, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. I'm going to motorcycle races this weekend. What AF mode would you
    recommend for this? AI, or AI Servo? I've experimented with AI
    servo, but have very little experience with it. Also what AF point
    (s)? Single or all? Any other suggestions? Thanks,

  2. AI Servo. All the AF points, just make sure you have the center point on the MC when you press the shutter half way down. Then it will track it as it goes to the others.

    If you have enough zoom try and get some shots from the center of the turn, ergo the m/c's will be at one distance from you for a good while. Easy for the AF to follow.

    If you are brave 125th of a second shots look great, but you have to chuck a bunch out. Nice background blur. I do this towards the end of a race. Otherwise shoot as fast as you can. :)

    Oh yeah, take lots of CF cards.....
  3. I'm planning on using my 70-200/2.8is, maybe 1.4x, 50/1.4 and Sig 18-50/2.8. My guess is the 70-200 will stay on. Going up tomorrow for a some ariel shots of the track and to find a good place to sit.

  4. Try A1 servo with only the centre focus point alive, as well, then you have control of were the focus point actually is. Find a spot where you can put the focus point on the bike you wish to photograph some distance before the spot that you wish to pres thew shutter, give the AF time to lock on and begin tracking. Chose a nice neutral background area that makes your main subject stand out (Contrasty)

    You can also put the focus on manual and prefocus on a spot on the track pressing the shutter as the bike arrives there. The key is getting your timing right, to enable consistent results. Use spot metering or partial (9%) if you don't have a 1 series body.
  5. Definately AI servo. However, I do limit my AF points to 11 and select one.
  6. Thanks Guys, I had a great time. I found I like the slower shutter speed to get the best picture. The fater speeds stopped everything making hte phots look posed.

  7. Another
  8. These sparky things are thought to be for posers but they are really to scare the competition that is behind you into braking when they think your bike just hit the pavement and is about to slide out of control :p
  9. Try All manual mode, with no AF :p

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