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  1. English colonists' we're persuaded by Kiawah chief to colonize Charleston SC in 1670 because the colonists' would be good to trade with and for Tranquility because they could cancel out Spanish attacks from Florida and attacks by the Westoe tribe which attacked smaller tribes and sold captives into slavery on Caribbean sugar cane plantations. Nikon D850 with 70-200 f4 DSC_1234_00171-picsay.jpg
  2. Motivation: heat for the winter

  3. motivation: the pleasure of stopping time 0014a m0n Fotógrafo Fuji X-E2 Sonriendo Estación de Sao Bento-Zuiko14-42IIR.jpg
  4. Motivation : collecting for charity. Motivation-web.jpg
  5. The desire to create music Party 31.jpg
  6. Upper Track at the Rec Center

  7. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

    Read the manual :-D
  8. Motivation to get more exercise and fresh air in the great outdoors...


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