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Discussion in 'Olympus' started by preston_merchant, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. Hi, folks. My documentary photography website has just launched:


    Most of the photos were taken with Olympus equipment (OM-1 and OM-
    2sp), which I have found suitable to the task in out-of-the-way and
    hot places.

    Any feeback or criticisms would be most welcome--since we don't talk
    enough about pictures on this board! ;>)


  2. The photographs are very good. I particularly like the "Miss Teen India Georgia, Atlanta" images.

    I like the colors you chose for the site. The text is detailed enough to be interesting, without becoming boring.
  3. Preston, just tried your URL, but on the title page neither picture showed up (I'm using Mozilla - maybe it's OK in IE?)...
  4. Technical stuff:

    IE - no apparent problems so far.

    Netscape 7.02 - page one photo doesn't show up. On "Gallery" page, items along left hand side of page are "dead". For example, can't call up photo of Bonnie Rivers, which shows up fine under IE.

    Usually I won't bother to explore a website that doesn't work equally well in Netscape and IE since I prefer Netscape (it offers some advantages, such as opening new pages within a site under tabs rather than separate windows - neater and less cumbersome). But I'll make an exception in this case. ;>

    The photo "Miss India Georgia pageant, Atlanta" is actually rather flattering in terms of skin tones, contrast, etc., considering it's direct flash. What gear, flash, film, etc., was used for this photo?

    Your geo-ethnic insight is also interesting.
  5. There seem to be lots of galleries, but I don't have time to pick any and am sent to just one gallery. The pics that I can see are good though!
  6. Thanks, Lex. I'll inquire of my designer about Netscape issues. It seems that the gallery links on the left aren't actually dead in Netscape. The cursor just doesn't change into a hand--but you can still click on them. Why this is, I have no idea.

    Anyway, thanks for looking. The Miss India Georgia stuff was shot with a Canon Elan 7 and a 550 EX flash.
  7. . . . and on Superia 400 film (the cheap stuff).

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