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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by maria, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I am wondering how the page with the most rated photos gets actualised.
    I have some photos which don't appear on that page. I can understand that the lower rated ones might not appear for some reasons, but I also have this photo
    (and it is not the only one but I cannot go through 3000 to see exactly which they are)
    not appearing in
    I am also wondering if there could be some other selections for a user, for example top-rated from the own photos as long as there are enough ratings for an average (less than 11 are how many, 5? I don't know)
    thank you
  2. I would assume that your pictures are not getting as many ratings as those that are showing up.
  3. I agree with Stavy. Since the photo of yours that you mention only has 11 ratings my guess is that if it is in the category you're looking in it is probably near the end of the list. 11 ratings is not very many.
  4. A photo needs 11 ratings to show up, most show up when they have 11, but don't when they have only 10.
  5. "I am wondering how the page with the most rated photos gets actualised."
    Can you add a link to the page you're inquiring about? I'm not sure where it is.

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