Mossy Ruin

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by chad_hahn, Nov 20, 2003.

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    not sure about this one. It does not work for me and don't know why.
  3. >>It does not work for me and don't know why<<

    That's because you're being monitored.
  4. Too small a scan to appreciate. Looks pretty good. Colours seem somewhat "undersaturated", [if that's a word].
  5. Sorry I thought this was a thread about Harvey. :)
  6. a larger pic
  7. I need to take a scanning course or buy a better scanner. I did some tweaking in Photoshop to get the colors looking at least something like they did in the print. I came close but not very.
  8. Chad

    Personally I think this would have worked better as a horizontal shot.


  9. Looks like a nice bit of detail begging to be included in some grander project.
    I don't think there is enough here to stand on its own.
  10. I think you have the beginnings of a good picture here, but the composition needs work. It is too static, what with the line of division running right smack through the center. And I'd like to see some anchor point in it that would draw the eye to a final resting place in the picture. But I like the colors and textures.

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