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  1. Here’s a quote by street photographer Garry Winogrand ...
    Generally speaking, I understand his words and gain insight into photography from them. Royall, in your case, I sense it does not apply. Your street photos, at least what you’ve shown lately, seem to be exactly what was photographed and nothing else but exactly what you were focused on. I do offer kudos for your ability to very successfully emulate the perspective of a normal, healthy, horny Junior High School boy.
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  2. Sandy Vongries

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    :rolleyes: You are becoming entirely predictable.
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  3. If you fail to see the subtext in three and four, the humor in two, and the same in the earlier shots, I can't help you. So adios; I will seek condescension elsewhere.
  4. at best... disingenuous.
  5. Rear ends and other things

  6. Somehow all this reminds me of my belovéd watertower

  7. Love it JDMvW, the Bechers don't stand a chance!

    Here's a family portrait I hope is relevant. . .
    [​IMG]and. . .

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