More scammers using Classifieds

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  1. I received another probable scam e-mail from a brand new (today) member in response to a classified ad. I've followed up at but should I post the person's name here so others can be aware of this?
    Good day, My name is Xxx Xxx,I have a client that is interested in buying your item,he informed me that the payment will be remmited via an America postal money order or certisfied cashier check.what is the actual last price for this item? In order to conclude the deal as soon as possible,the payment that will be sent to you will include the money for the sales of your item and the shippers fees for organising a home pick up service.You do not need to worry as my shipping company will come to pick the item up from your Location for shipment. What I want to clarify is that will you be able to send the shipping charges to the shipping agent through Western Union Money Transfer method as soon as you get and cashed the check and you deduct the money for your item?If you agree to assist in this capacity,send your full name,your address and phone numbers,which will be use for the issue of the payment.
    Txx Lxx
    You will recieve the moey order for your item including with the shipping fees,so you are to cashed the payment,deduct your part for the sale and wire the balance to the shipping agent (Door-to-door shipping agent) through western union money transfer and the agent will come to you directly for the pick up of the item as soon as they have recieved their payment for the home pick up service.As I said above,if this arrangement sound fine to you,kindly send your full name,contact address and phone number,which will be use for the issue of the payment.
    So let me have your information with the last price you are going for this item and its present condition.​
  2. Tell them to send all the money to your paypal account.
  3. Paypal's only safe if you follow their Seller's Protection Policy to the letter. Much of the world isn't covered, so you're SOL if you sending overseas.
  4. Not too long ago, there was a post by someone who was solicited in a similar manner. The seller recognized the scam but went along with it. Instead of sending the advertised laptop, he sent a three ring binder mock up of a laptop. The bogus buyer ended up having to pay a fair amount of import tax to retrieve the item from Customs since the seller declared a high value when it was shipped. He basically scammed the scammer. Does anyone know where to find that link?
  5. Try here. It is a 28 page PDF, so it takes a bit to read it all.
  6. Sorry, the page provides a PDF that details the story.<p>Roy
  7. Google around and you'll also somewhere find the merry saga of somebody who actually managed to get a tragedy-struck Nigerian (one of those chaps who'll happily give you 20% of the 22 million dollars waiting in a bank account) to pay him some money.
  8. I had an engineer in my office who received a message stating that he had won a prize, but that a hefty processing fee had to be sent in. (Over $2,000). Would you believe that over loud warning shouts in the office he went and did it? (wired western union) The party picked the fee up at the other end (in canada) and disappeared. Incredible how supposedly smart folks can fall for these scams.
  9. Please tell me that your company doesn't build airliners.......

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