More Salt Lake City photos, 1940s?

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  1. Does anyone recognize the building in these two photos? It appears to be a skyscraper in Gothic style, and I found it with a batch of photos my late father took in Salt Lake City in 1946, so I guessed it's a Mormon Temple. But I can't find a modern picture of this building on the Internet. It doesn't look anything like the Mormon Temple in S.L.C. (where I've never been).
    chruch1_small.jpg chruch2_small.jpg
  2. Solved! The Gothic Revival skyscraper is the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was built in the 1920s and still exists. In the second photo, apparently taken at a distance from a park, the same skyscraper is visible, and the building with the pointy steeple at the right is the Heinz Memorial Chapel, which also still exists. I mistakenly guessed that these photos were taken in Salt Lake City only because I found them among other photos that my late father took in SLC in 1946. But these photos in Pittsburgh were probably taken in 1949-50, because my father attended a trade school in Pittsburgh at that time on the G.I. Bill. The air pollution is another clue that these photos date from that period.

    Oddly, though, none of the 100 people who looked at these pictures on were able to identify these buildings or their location. Last night I posted them on Facebook, and immediately two of my friends recognized the buildings. My Facebook friend list is relatively small, so I'm surprised that two people were able to make the identification so quickly. And neither friend is from Pittsburgh.

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