More photos from Prague taken with Rolleiflex 2.8E

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  1. Photos are also from January, 2007. This was my first serious experience in MF photography. I borrowed a Rolleiflex 2.8E with wonderfull Xenotar lens from my friend for this trip. And was blown away by the quality of negatives and slides (pity I have only few of them scanned). Now it is my Rollei :), and it is my favorite camera.
    P.S.: Yes, it's a pain to view MF photos scanned and resized with loss of tonality etc. I have them printed in 50*50 cm format. But I want to share them with you.
  2. 4th (I think, there thousands of photos of this old gentlemen)
  3. what a beautiful place....... living in the USA, it's hard to imagine that a city can look like that...
  4. Good eye, George. Love the first one a lot!
  5. Richard said it right on.
  6. Great images, George. I particularly like the color shot. Compared to SLRs, even the older ones, TLRs are somewhat of a pain to use. But once you get past that initial fuss, the square format on 6x6 and the gorgeous image on the ground glass is pure magic. Of course, the images speak for themselves.
  7. I have been to Prague twice and it's a great place to take a camera. Really enjoyed your shots; they took me right back there. I must go back again once the poor old pound recovers!
  8. George, great stuff! Prague does look wonderful in B&W ... in colour too when the light is kind. I like it so much I've even thought of emigrating there - you've re-awakened that desire.
  9. Great photos, thanks for sharing. One of the places I must visit. Your B&W shot are stunning.
  10. Really nice. Reala is great in 6x6, and your shot makes the most of it.
  11. Gorgeous shots George. I am glad you shared them with us. Regards
  12. Nice photographs.
    FWIW I bought a used Rolleiflex 2.8E (Xenotar) in 1962 and it's been my favorite camera ever since.
  13. I love first and 5th the most. I can only imagine how they look printed at 50x50cm.
    thanks for sharing.
  14. Lovely city and pictures. Like many others here, it makes me want to go there.
  15. A Rollei, and a city as beautiful as are going to have some fun...thanks for posting these.
  16. Guys, thanks a lot for your kind comments! I was at Prague only once and I loved this city.
    Want to post some crops from the scans above.
  17. George. that first picture is gorgeous. The others are also very good, but there's something surreal about the first one that I love.
  18. A beautiful city, and beautifully rendered in your photographs! I particularly like the shot of the street musician/one-man-band. What film were you using?
  19. To George: I used Ilford FP4 (ISO 125) film. Thanks for the comment.
  20. Thank you for these beautiful images. Your photography skills and the Rolleiflex work well together. I have a 2.8D with a Planar, which gives similar quality images.
  21. I am with the first picture too...what wonderful colors... The 2nd is very good too....If you want, try Fuji Acros for b&w...I believe is better than IlfordFP4
    by the way: could you up a big size of the first picture...some like 3000 pixels (link)

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