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  1. A quite touching short article on the Vivian Maier story with some additional information about her earlier days. This is somewhat to do with the Goldstein collection, which I gather is the much smaller part of the work compared to the Maloof collection, but still includes some interesting and some stellar work.
  2. Nice. Someone I would have liked to meet, I think. RIP madame.
  3. Except for one or two, I wouldn't have shown the set if they were mine. Nothing special...
  4. Very interesting article.
    You can see the commonality and the growth from her earlier work to her later work.
    Not so 'short' as advertised above, and almost all information very new.
    This is a poignant story that keeps on giving.
    John (Crosley)
  5. It's wonderful to see the pictures and get to know more about Ms. Meier. Thanks for the article.
  6. I was out shooting today in Chicago and was chatting with a couple of elderly gentlemen. They asked me what I was doing and I told them that I was doing "street photography." The one gentleman asked me if I knew who Vivian Maier was. I said "Certainly" and he went on to tell me about her. They had been friends from the late 1960's up until the middle 1990's. He had worked at a Movie House near the city that she used to frequent and they struck up a friendship. He begged me not to share any other details, because I guess a number of journalists, etc. have been trying to track down everyone she knew, and he has already been badgered for interviews and to share details of her life.
    Without sharing any details, I can just say that from our conversation she seemed like a very nice person, quiet, and committed to her photography. It's funny, the gentleman looked at my Leica and said, "That's not the kind of camera she used, she used one of those Rolex cameras." I had to smile.
  7. I am fascinated with her story and the sheer luck that we have her life's photographs to enjoy. While I agree the photographs presented in the article are clearly not her best I like a lot of her work.
  8. Wow to meet someone who knew her.. a great artist, tragedy she could not be alive to enjoy her success.
  9. Joanna Scott's essay on Vivian Maier in 'The Nation' linked above is as piercing and deep and at the same time as true and sympathetic (and thorough) a look at this wonderful photographer, as we've seen to date, at least through this forum.
    I would want as thorough and sympathetic look at my life's work if it were found in a storage locker and became the subject of speculation and interest . . . . Scott's treatment goes a long way to answering many unanswered (and some unasked) questions. It's a very, very good article and well worth reading.

    I recommend reading every last word, and regret only that the article contains no images.
    John (Crosley)

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