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  1. Beautiful pictures, I always enjoy looking at pictures of the past, specially if they are with captions. Thank you for sharing JD :)
  2. Great, the pictures of street kids remind me of a lovely shot of two Glasgow boys by Bert Hardy.

    It's a shame though that anyone trying to do a similar project today, would immediately be accused of being a pervert - at least in some parts of the world. We are breeding a generation who will have no record of how they looked as kids in their natural environment..
  3. I strongly suspect that many PdN participants have hidden stashes of their own, especially if you're old like me. I was fortunate enough to have found hundreds of prints in boxes when we cleaned out my mother's apartment after she died (at 100!). And we found similar but smaller family archives when my mother-in-law passed (at 95!). They weren't well cared for and many are almost beyond recognition. But there are at least 200 fair to excellent images of our families that go back 4 generations. In addition, there are some really cool pictures of poeple whose identity and connection to either of us are entirely unknown. Sadly, our parents' generation is now gone and we have no one to ask.

    Here's a series of my mother's cousin Joe, who was a tailor. Our family documented an amazing amount of their collective life - so here he is when he started, when he opened his first shop, and when the family expanded to a fur business in the building next door. I have no idea if they also owned the gas station - the sign at the left has his name on it, but I don't remeber ever hearing that it was a family business.


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  4. "Will someone, someday find your old snapshots on a thumb drive in an attic?"

    If they do find an old thumb drive, it will be blank. Thumb drives use flash memory, which loses its electrical charge (and therefore its data) over time. And loses it faster in a hot attic. Maybe 5, 10, 20 years at most.
  5. For some of us, 20 years will almost certainly be after the "best before" date.... :confused:
  6. Yes , electronic media is very fleeting , and will not stand the test of time.
    Sadly a very large percentage of contemporary pictorial history WILL be lost for all time.
    The longevity of modern printing methods are also suspect , modern prints are unlikely to last as long as the old photographic prints.

    But try telling this to the "modern" generation.

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  7. It is not EXACTLY the same thing, files are a bit like a negative.
    If you do not PRINT them, they will not likely catch the eye of any casual viewer in 100 years.
    I would argue that negatives will be more "Valuable" in 100 years, but that is not the point.......Make Prints.!
    People look at prints.....not negatives and not digital files. :)
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  8. Good shots in a classic style.

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