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  1. Here are some more pictures of Sydney at the Circular Quay. This is a touristy place with a lot eating places. One finds "native" Australians exhibiting their artefacts and some music in loud modern HiFi systems. There are many Italian restaurants where the waiter or major-domo would speak to the customers with a heavy Italian accent; Then they would turn around and yell at their colleagues in pure Ozz English! Great to watch their sales pitch!
    I processed and scanned the pictures only recently. Have not been well; ups and downs, feeling better now. The Rheumatologists say "Ah! you have PMR." stands for Poly Myalgia Rheumatica; it means nothing more than aches and stiffness in the muscles. As usual, there is no diagnosis and there is no cure, unless one wants to go through some relief, temporarily, with steroids. The withdrawal from steroids is worse than the disease! So I am keeping away from medication. Enjoying the rest and good food.
    The pictures were taken with the same Praktica Nova 1B and Meyer Oreston. It was a rainy day.
  2. Now restored. We studied the original shell structures in Architecture school in the late 1950s and early 60s. I recall that the landscape was all green except for the Opera House at the end. Over the years the Real Estate developers have barged in and made it into an RCC commercial place. It is full of tourists now. They were going to destroy the Opera House too. Some heritage and environmental interests prevailed finally to restore the Opera House.
  3. It may last another decade plus!
  4. Plenty of them, most enjoyable while watching the environment. The Metro line leads to this place, conveniently.
  5. The natives put on a show all day long. They are taken care of well by the Government. I guess there is more money to be made this way and gain some publicity too.
  6. The light was getting darker and the rain was threatening to pour. Time to wind up and go home.
  7. I felt the ambiance a little scary. For such an expansive city this part was really "high-density." I shall try and post some more in the near future. I hope you liked these pics. Thanks for viewing. sp.
  8. Great to see some more of your photos, SP. I like the drama that the clouds added in the first two photos (although all are good). Glad to hear that you're feeling better. Thanks for posting.
  9. You've captured the desolation of Sydney in the rain, SP. I'll have to admit that I avoid these areas when I visit the city; the crass commercialism and our society's rampant preoccupation with wining and dining create an ambiance I find a little distasteful. I appreciate your comments on the avaricious developers, too. The old Praktica performed well, and you have a fine balance of tones in the images. I'm sorry to hear about the PMR, and hope you can find relief without the witch's brew of medication that is commonly offered.
  10. Ethnohistorical and ethographic!
    I'm from what is pleased to call itself "The Land of Aahs" (the original, Kansas) but I don't think you are in Kansas anymore in these shots. ;)
    Enjoyed this immensely.
  11. Hi, SP - enjoyed your photos of Sydney and your comments too! Although I've been retired in West Oz now for well over 20 years, I did live in Sydney during the entire 80s and enjoyed the lifestyle there. Can't say I liked the roads there much though, especially since my job entailed a lot of driving.
    I still have some specially fond memories of the Blue Mountains (especially around Katoomba), the lower North Shore and the beaches in general which unfortunately continue to get spoilt due to the short-sightedness of City Administrators regarding sewerage disposal. Anybody visiting Sydney and going for a swim needs to bear in mind that old maxim, of 'Swimming On Undeterred' - or did I misspell something there, perchance? (Pete In Perth)
  12. JDM, I do not have many varieties of cameras; have only a few Dresden makes and the FSU Range Finders. So I am trying to make my posts interesting by way of thematic presentation. I hope this is acceptable in the CMC Forum, though the Forum goals emphasize camera models.
    Rick, I agree with you on the obsession with the wining and dining. These are avidly promoted by the commercial interests. In the new "yuppie" culture it seems that many simply avoid cooking at home and dine out most of the time. [it is happening all over the world]. The old idea of the household centered on the hearth is being given up by this layer of people. It may be telling on the children, if and when they have children.
    Hi Pete! nice to hear from you. I found the roads quite well maintained in Sydney urban area. Most of the shorelines [beach heads] are commercialized, though. I hope they don't have a Tsunami or similar upwelling of the Sea. It would be devastating. I did not venture outside the urban area. Regards to everyone. sp.
  13. Hi SP, sorry to hear of your ailments...getting old is not something that we relish! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Sydney, even with it's tourist traps. I did live there for a short while, and my wife's family also reside there, so the odd visit is compulsory....but usually unpleasant as I don't enjoy cities anymore...never did really!
    Sydney has become far to big, so we have retreated to the far south coast of NSW, well away from the gravitational pull of Sydney or Melbourne. Canberra is more pleasant to visit and only a couple of hours drive from here.
    If you come back to OZ I would love to show you the "real" Australia....truly a wonderful place.

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