More night photography with Yashica Mat LM in Singapore.

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by jameschuas, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. I recently went out to shoot some smoke stacks at a nearby island, with slide film. I have exposures ranging from 1 to 6 seconds, with 1 of the smoke stacks flaring due to a sudden dumping of natural gas. Do let me know how you feel about these shots.
    I had cropped out the vignettes (save for a little of it left) for this whole roll while maintaining the aspect ratio. I believe that my series v lens hood may be causing this. Time was from 7.30pm - 7.50pm. Location: Labrador Park, Singapore
    Yashica Mat LM, f8, 1 second. Fuji Provia 100f.
    Yashica Mat LM, f8, 4 seconds. Fuji Provia 100f.
    Yashica Mat LM, f8, 6 seconds. Fuji Provia 100f.
    Yashica Mat LM, f8, 5 seconds. Fuji Provia 100f.
    Yashica Mat LM, f8, 4 seconds. Fuji Provia 100f.
    You can see a few more photos of this set at
  2. These are rather lovely. How are you metering the scene? I love shooting slides and would love to try out some long exposures but just don't trust my guesstimate long exposure calculations! I use an Olympus OM4 or sometimes, a Bessa R body.
  3. the blue is gorgeous, the images seem quite sharp.
  4. Wow, these are great!
  5. Hi Starvy. I use guesstimates based on a little experience. :) I understand that its not that simple, and pretty risky, but I got 8 shots out of 10 that I took, which I think is decent. Time of night also factors in. I'm trying to improve on this though.
    Thanks Carey, credit goes to the lens. My Yashica Mat LM has a common problem. When you turn the knob to focu at infinity, it appears a little out of focus. I have to turn it back just that little bit, like 1mm, and I get a very sharp and focused picture. It takes a little patience. :)
    Thanks Jack!!
  6. Good cameras, the Yashicamats. I like the first shot the most.
  7. This reminds me of Bladerunner for some reason!
  8. James, great job with these pics, and I enjoyed your earlier posting as well.
  9. Wow - these are amazing. Great job, and not easy with metering at that time of night. Wonderful work. That sky with the sort of torn-up cloud look, whether the break in the clouds are, is classic Singapore sky to me.
  10. Very Nice.. Your estimate on the exposure time seems right on.. time of night is tricky and dangerous!
    I haven't had much luck with transparency films and long exposures!! You've seemed to have nailed it! Excellent! Oh and neat trick with focus.. I'll have to try that.. my Yashica D just got CLA'd and since it's return I've doubted the sharpness.. maybe that's the trick!"! Thanks
  11. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Very dramatic, James, great balance between that ripped-up sky and the landscape. No.1 gets my vote. And I agree with Nazar, it does have a movie-set look about it!
  13. Nice, very nice.
  14. Thanks Jennifer!!
    Hi Chuck, thanks!! Do try the focusing trick. It probably would work. I had the infinity focus of my first few rolls off, that's why I had tried it after reading this somewhere. You'd be able to tell the difference when you try it. :)
    Thanks Stuart!!
    Thanks Rick!! You can see that I have different horizon levels, bascially because I had shifted the tripod and the composition.
    Thanks JDM. :)
  15. James,
    These are excellent, thanks for posting. The shots are all very dramatic, but I really like #3 the best.

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