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  1. Here are a few more shots from the Indian dhow docked at Sharjah in the UAE, which I visited a few weeks ago. Comments appreciated.
  2. The dhows are berthed four and five deep at the pier and must be re-arranged by hand and by pulling ropes.
  3. This boat carried mostly sacks of grain. When a bag broke, having been tossed into the hold, it had to be sewn.
  4. They carried a variety of lentils and red sorghum, which had come from Australia.
  5. There's no privacy for the crew of 12, no cabins, no bathroom. Bathing occurs on deck.
  6. The crew make their own paan--an Indian chewing tobacco flavored with lime and crushed betel nut. They all carry these little plastic kits with the ingredients.
  7. An interesting story but I feel the pictures could have been closer. The one about the chewing tobacco, for example would have been more informative if we could see the kit of ingredients. Definitely a good effort though.
  8. <<Here are a few more shots from the Indian dhow docked at Sharjah>>

    Is that the Indian nasdaq docked next to it?
  9. In the first picture, I like the repetition of the angle of the bag of grain and the man's shirt. It really makes the picture work.
  10. << Is that the Indian nasdaq docked next to it? >>

    Jay, it is your first very funny comment, congratulation.
  11. Wow!<p>
    Jay made a joke!<br>
    Let's start a new forum!!<br>
    Perhaps even a new holiday!!! :)<p>
  12. There are generally two types of paan, at least in India. One uses tobacco; the other just uses betel nut, spices and lime. The latter is called "sweet paan" and is very good after a meal, although the red juice-spittle from the betel nut appears everywhere. Kind of an Indian impromptu grafitti if you will.

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