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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by lmar, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. The results from my "Classic Labor Day" weekend, taken with my dad/grandfather's nickel-plated "0" serial number 50mm Elmar (cir. 1930), on my trusty M3. Film was Fuji C-41 at EI 400.
  2. Lovely reflections and colour! Thanks for sharing. sp
  3. Thanks SP! Looking forward to walking through the woods with the same outfit, when the leaves really begin to change. . .
  4. Is that uncoated Elmar? Fantastic.
  5. Beautiful. We're just heading into spring, but as a photographer I'll take autumn, any day. The pic of the leaves just invites one in. Nice post; thanks.
  6. Thanks Kozma and Rick! Yes, it's an uncoated Elmar. I used the little clip-on lens hood, which really helped.
  7. Nice. Thanks.
  8. Thanks JDM!
  9. I like all three, but the last one is gorgeous.
  10. Thanks Rob!

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