More Elderly Aircraft and the Bronica

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  1. Once again, our vintage aircraft evening event was somewhat spoiled by the weather; a nor-west wind gusting up to 40 knots is a little risky for these old planes. However, there was quite a dramatic sky, even if the light was rather flat, so I took the Bronica S2a and shot a roll of Ilford HP5 Plus down the flight line. I'll post a few images, as I know there are a few vintage aircraft fans among our members. They wheeled out a Chance Vought F4U Corsair and turned on a brilliant display of precision flying as part-compensation for the limited flying by the older aircraft; the crowds always love the Corsairs. Lenses were either the 135mm Nikkor-Q f/3.5 or the 50mm Nikkor-H f/3.5, the HP5 was developed in PMK Pyro and the negs scanned on the Epson V700 Photo.
  2. I love old machines, especially flying machines.
    Nice work. Thanks for showing it to us.
  3. Nice pictures. I like the Scotch Express with its third balancing wheel ! Thanks for posting. sp.
  4. Wow, nice images! I've never seen a 3-bladed Corsair before, very neat.
  5. Wonderful images, with excellent fidelity and composition. I bet it was tough a bit in what seems already a cluttered airfield.
    Good choice on the black and white and excellent scans as always.
  6. Wonderful collection of vintage warbirds (and quite probably some reproductions), Rick.
    Thanks for sharing them :)

    Those Fokker D.VIII "flying razors" are something else :)
  7. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Liked my high-mileage Bronica S while it lasted along with its Nikkor lenses but don't miss the weight, clunkiness and slow flash sync. Some very nice shots. Thanks!
    BTW, lots more of the old kites flying here:
  9. Always great to see vintage airplanes. Great job of showing them with the Bronica. Thanks for posting.
  10. Agree, these aircraft are a pleasure to view, especially with those lovely tones. Have to love the old Bronicas, very pretty and capable as well. Thanks for the usual classy post.
  11. Brilliant work as always, Rick. It seems you might be having trouble putting down that Bronica recently, even though you have 379 other cameras amongst which to choose. :) I've had the same trouble, although I have only about 15 alternatives. On Saturday, I brought out a medium-format camera other than the Bronica, for the first time in perhaps three months. And that was mainly because my bag was so stuffed with 35mm gear that I had room for only a folder!
  12. Thanks for the responses and I'm pleased you liked the images; if one has a technical sort of eye, old aircraft are very photogenic. Yes, Dave, the Bronica S2's have been getting a little too much attention, though I have been using the baby brother ETRs quite frequently. That's probably my favourite medium-format camera, both for results and from an ease-of-handling point of view. Thanks for that link, C.Watson; fascinating. And thank you SP, Tony, JDM, Rick, David, Patrick, Ralf and Mike for the nice words.

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