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  1. Awwwww, Gene, they missed the best part. The mounties were going to form a circle facing inward. It's better known as a Newfie Firing Squad.
  2. Love it. Keep it coming; we can take as much as you can give us!
    I suppose the mountie show would have been more, well, distinguishable/distinguished if you could still get C-22 processing to show the red coats.
  3. You mean there's something in Canada more exciting than this? Where? Where?
  4. LOL at the Newfie joke!
  5. I wonder why the last photo you showed is so much cleaner than the rest.
    I can think of a lot things more boring. Like driving east-west across Kansas. But my most spectacular audio-visual thing was a firepower demonstration for JFK at Eglin AFB, Florida in 1962 (about 50 miles east of Pensacola up in the panhandle). Eglin is the largest Air Force base in area and has large firing ranges. People who worked on the base were allowed to attend and I wish I had a decent camera with me. The show started with an F-104 flying in front of the stands at about 200 feet and supersonic. During the show, lots of bombs and napalm. We saw B-52s launching hound dog missiles. The highlight was an F-80 drone flying past the stands and being shot down by an F-102 launching a sidewinder missile. Later another F-102 launched a falcon air to air missile and then launched a heat seeking sidewinder missile which destroyed the falcon. These shows cost millions to put on and are not done very often. It was even more exciting than crash landing in a H-21 helicopter a few months earlier when its engine threw a rod.
  6. James, an air show where missiles were fired, not to mention drones being shot down! Wow! I assume this was not really something one could just walk in off the street and buy tickets for? I am green with envy, would love to have seen anything even remotely approaching that!
    Gene, a pleasure as always - your found films are only a canvas for your witty, insightful and often very touching commentary. Each post teaches you something, makes you laugh, brings a nostalgic tear to the eye... just amazing. And I LOVE the Monty Python'esque hand pointing at the bowling bowl - although I believe it was meant to be reminiscent of the ones indicating a frame number was about to appear in a little ruby window:)
  7. What's that aboot Mounties always getting their man?
  8. *Shudder*
  9. Peter and all: my apologees for frequent posting off topic.
    I can't remember what limitations were in effect for the firepower show in 1962. I retired from the Air Force over 30 years ago and I don't know if the Air Force engages in such shows any more. What I do know is that since 9/11, it is hard to get on any base without military ID. As a retiree, I still have access to the exchanges and commissaries. Living in suburban Seattle, the nearest large bases are 50 miles away. I do have access to the Coast Guard exchange in Seattle on Puget Sound, about 10 miles away. It is only the size of two living rooms, but one of those rooms is devoted to liquor which is significantly cheaper than Washington State liquor stores, but I don't drink any more. I also don't drink any less.
    Another impressive sight at the show was seeing about a dozen F-100s (super saber) flying line abreast and simultaneously dropping napalm.
  10. dlw


    I love the smell of napalm in the morning!
  11. Gene, If you're into Minimalist phography the shot of the bench may be a good example. Great composition and good lighting. To me it evokes a feeling of lonliness. Love your work and the commentary. Bob Rene
  12. Gene, good stuff. Thanks for going to the trouble, and sharing. These are always so wonderful to see. I always ponder, after - where did the family go? Why didn't they process this film? Didn't any of the kids say "Dad, where are the pictures of those horses last summer?"
    Or maybe they were all trying to forget this particular vacation. :)
  13. I'm with you, Gene.
    Any more pics of the bowling ball?
  14. I think the Canadian horses were bored, too. Such animal cruelty !
    Nice touch on the hand-colored shot; spices things up a bit, eh ?
    Maybe the Mounties could learn something from the Magyars ......

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