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  1. I might be posting this in the wrong place but i am not sure were else to go with it. I have a d300 with a sigma 70-200 lens (that you all helped me choose) that i use for shooting my kids sports. I use this setup with a manfrotto 680b monopod. Here is my problem the monopod is about 3.5-4 inches to short. I want to put a swivel head that lockes so it does not swivel all the time. this would make it easier to use when i am in the stands and most inportantly give me the extra height i need so i do not have to scrotch when i stand up to shoot. There are so many heads available i do not know what are the good ones i also do not wish to spend a ton of money. So what do you recommend??? Thank you
  2. For my occasional use is use a fairly inexpensive Velbon RUP-L43, mainly because I like the integrated ball-head. I have put my D700 with Sigma 20-40mm f2.8 held vertically (by the narrow end!) at arms camera height about 13 ft...angled down at about 15 degs.... self timer on 10sec! Fun!
    From memory, I think it gets to about 165cm. How big's the 680b?
  3. I use a Benro ball head which adds a few inches. Portrait shots are also easy with this setup.
  4. Manfrotto 234RC Swivel/Tilt Head for monopods with quick release:
  5. I suggest you get a metal monopod made by Induro, either three of four sections, depending on your height, travel size restrictions (if any) and budget. They have about four models to choose from. I use a monopod often when a tripod will not work. I used to use the Manfroto swivel head, but now I use the more expensive head from Really Right Stuff since I often have a 70-200mm f 2.8 or a 300mm f 4.0 or sometimes a 500mm f 4.0 lens on the monopod. If you can afford this head get it. It is a joy to work with.
    Joe Smith
  6. If you need another 4 to 5 inches in height, and you don't mind the *how it looks* department, you could find a section of PVC pipe that will slip over the bottom of your monopod. Cheaper that buying a new monopod...
  7. I'd second the RRS monopod head - the Manfrotto 234 has a capacity of 2.5 kg. A DSLR plus 70-200 is going to be more than that. It's tilt action is also not very smooth. THE RRS MH-01 on the other and is built like a tank (34 kg capacity) and buttery smooth to operate.
  8. If you need more height, sell this monopod, and buy a used one that's taller. You'll spend less money doing this and have a better solution than trying to jerry-rig something just to add height.
  9. Monopods are never made tall enough, especially considering that the recommended way of using one is to stick it out at an angle in front of your body. Even my expensive Gitzo is only just about tall enough if I crouch slightly. Still, if I ever have to fight off a wild boar it'll make a good club.
  10. I can recommend Giottos Carbon fiber monopods. Mine, no longer available (#8990) is four sections and extends to 75",
    which makes it plenty long enough.

    I would never want a too short monopod. One of the best things about the extra length is that I can use it where the
    ground is quite uneven, or on stairs, etc. it works well with my D300 and 70-200 VRII.
  11. The tallest monopod I could find is the Gitzo 3551 at 192 cm. It's expensive though!
  12. The Manfrotto 681B is 3.5" taller than the 680B. I use it with a ball head (488RC2) which makes it high enough for my 6'5".
  13. I use a Manfrotto 222 vertical grip head with my monopod (which seems tall enough to me) but the grip adds about 8 inches (20cm in real measurements) to the height.

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