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Discussion in 'Sports' started by ray_riedel, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Yes. Of course a monopod rotates easily. What I want is to be sure my lens doesn't unscrew from the monopod. I'm planning to get an
    Arca compatible quick release plate (such as a Kirk LP-1) for my 300mm f2.8L lens and an Arca mount which has provisions for anti-
    rotation screws, but I'm not seeing any monopods from Manfrotto or others that have anything other than the center screw. This as
    opposed to tripods which have provisions for additional screws to prevent rotation of heads.

    I see lots of photographers who have the lens on a stick they carry over their shoulders. Surely there is some provision to avoid the lens
    loosening on the screw, but I don't see it.
  2. You could use a small amount of blue Locktite (forgot the #) or the RRS version (threadlocker fluid) to keep the clamp firmly mounted to the monopod's screw stud. Having said that however, I've never had any "rotating" problem you described after decades of shooting sports with my monopod & clamp combo. Just simply keep the clamp and monopod torqued tight and you're good to go. No problem with carrying a large lens-ka-bab the way you described either without any anti-lock device.
  3. My guess would be to use lock title as well. But I've never known this kind of slippage to be an issue.
  4. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Ditto Wilson's and Ellis' remarks. I've carried a 400/2.8 on the end of my Manfrotto Monopod and the lens/mount doesn't wobble or rotate - I simply screw it on “really tight”.
    You could drill an hole.
    But to answer part of your question, but maybe of little practical use to you, I have seen a monopod with locking screws on the top platter. It is made by (what I thought was) "Vortex Instruments" - I just did a quick search and it is discontinued. It was an “all in one rig”. Here is a link for your info –
    (you’ll need to reference the pdf file)
  5. Thanks William. That Vortex with the
    set screws was just the setup I was
    looking for. It even has a gun rest
    attachment. I was starting to suspect
    that feature might not be needed, but I
    have experienced my 300mm lens
    falling out of my 5D mkII mount. Turns
    out it's a common occurance - I
    googled it. I would hate for it to fall off
    my monopod after up and down
    shouldering at an all day track meet. If
    your 400mm is staying on, my 300mm
    should be fine. I may still take a look at
    the Arca adapter and put my drill press
    to use.
  6. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    That’s interesting that you have found some Photographers have this problem.
    For clarity, let me explain precisely that I attach the Lens's Ring Mount, directly to the monopod and I have never had this problem of the lens working loose. In my experience most Sports’ Photographers mount large Primes to a monopod directly via the Lens Mounting Ring. I’d be interested if any that have reported working loose when carrying, have the lens mounted directly via the Lens Mounting Ring.
    For clarity, here is a snap of what I describe:
  7. William, sorry for confusing the thread.
    I have never heard of a lens falling off a

    What I made reference to in my later
    post is the lens falling off the camera -
    no monopod involved. Turns out large
    lenses come loose in Canon 5D mkII
    cameras. Common symptom is
    autofocus not working, until you twist
    the lens back into place. Worst
    symptom is the lens falls out while you
    are walking.

    It was that experience, and seeing set
    screws used on tripod heads, that had
    me wondering if monopods with just
    the single center screw would allow the
    lens to accidentally loosen.

    Of course, when using a monopod, or
    tripod, I mount to the lens ring. Sorry
    for confusing the issue on that. Unlike
    the 400mm f2.8, I find the 300mm f2.8L
    hand hold able for most events, like
    track and field when only covering a
    few teams for the newspaper. When
    I'm the event shooter for a marathon,
    not so hand holdable.

    I am convinced from your experience
    and the lack of set screws on top brand
    monopods, that loosening must not be
    an issue.
  8. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Ah! OK! Thanks for clarifying. Ive just re-read what you wrote and it was my misreading of your sentence. My error.
  9. Based on Ray's latest description, it sounds like a possibility of worn out lens mount (due to wear & tear), either on the lens, on the camera, or both.

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