Monopod for canon 7d 70 200 2.8

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  1. Hi ,
    I have a canon 7d with a 70 200 2.8 IS which i use for sports and would like some advice on the best monopod to use .
    Any help is greatly appreciated .
  2. Monopod selection is much, much easier than tripod selection.
    1. it's crucial that it is long enough to reach the ground.
    2. it should not bend when you lean on it
    3. Weight is up to you - heavy enough to be stable, light enough to carry
    I personally use a ball head squeeze type tripod head on it to make it more flexible without having to twist the pole around. It's also handy for self-defense on St. Pat's Day.
  3. I use a Gitzo carbon fibre monopod with a Kirk arca monopod head.
  4. Triple post.:)
  5. Double post.
  6. I use a Bogen 681 (681-B is the current model):
    I would suggest simply putting your favorite quick-release plate directly on top and seeing what you think before buying a head. I've never found a need for a head on my monopod. I generally only use the monopod when I'm shooting with a 300/2.8. It's faster to change the monopod angle than it is to maneuver a head.
    I've thought about getting a better monopod, but I don't really see the advantage of carbon fiber. For tripods, yes. They have more material, and the carbon fiber means there's a definite weight savings. For the monopod, I'd be saving weight measured in ounces rather than pounds. I've had this monopod since before carbon fiber was commonly available, and while I've thought about changing, I just can't justify replacing a perfectly functional and seemingly non-destructible piece of equipment with something that doesn't offer more substantial benefits. :)
    I'm not thinking I'd be happy with the Gitzo monopod. Even though my tripod has the twist lock legs, I really like the lever locks on the monopod. Makes it very easy to snap open, extend/retract, and then snap shut. I can open/close my monopod in a couple seconds using gravity.
  7. Another vote for the Manfrotto 681--I have the older identical 434. Plenty sturdy. I use the simple Manfrotto flip head with a QR plate. Two flip-locks make it easy and quick to adjust and more rigid that the lighter 3-4 lock models.

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