Monday in Nature Sept. 18

Discussion in 'Nature' started by sallymack, Sep 18, 2017.

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  1. Vertical scum clings to plants created by slowly retreating tide at wetlands.
  2. I guess today I'll start it off. It's mushroom season.

  3. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

  4. Linguini with clam sauce (1 of 1).jpg The hurricane appears to have pushed some wood storks north as I had 6 in the back yard the other day. But this ibis I have named Linguine (with clam sauce) because he can find a clam in less than 2-3 minutes, one after another.
  5. A blue? A copper?...I don't know my butterflies! (please consider that a thinly disguised plea for help) But whatever it is is sitting on thrift (Armeria maritima) among coastal dunes.
  6. Nikon D750 200-500mmf/5.6 @440mm. 1/4000 sec@f5.6
    Egret Sept-1-4.JPG
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  7. Pelican flyby at White Rock Lake, Dallas. Nature Monday 9-18-2017.jpg
  8. Thanks, Shun.
  9. Southern Lapwing male trying to draw me away from a female and clutch of eggs in
    Punta Colorada, Uruguay. I wasn't too intimidated until I saw the spurs on its wings.

    Southern Lapwing Dad Closeup.jpg
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    No worries.

    It turns out that Sally Mack and Matthew Currie both started Monday in Nature threads this morning, apparently within just one minute from each other. Thanks to a new feature on, I managed to merge the threads together so that all posts appear on this one thread. It looks like Sally's post was earlier by one minute, literally. Therefore her post is the first one.

    Thanks to Sally and Matthew.
  11. I almost waited a little longer, but I was afraid my poor inky caps would deliquesce completely! No worries anyway.
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    Unless adds the feature to automatically start these weekly threads (a feature I have long advocated but not yet implemented, and admittedly there are far more important issues to address at this point) or we go back to have one person to start threads week after week, rain or shine, we are bound to have some occasionally miscues.

    I am sure it is going to happen again in the future. Hopefully we can quickly converge to just one thread. This morning, I discovered the duplicated threads soon enough.
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    I must admit I noticed the duplication as soon as I had posted my meagre offering, but did not want to tread on any toes by mentioning it. Glad the system was able to cope with the merger !
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    American white pelicans looking for food

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  15. Great Blue Heron at Blackwater NWP IMG_0337.JPG
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