Monday In Nature October 23

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  1. American White Pelican landing at White Rock Lake, Dallas, texas. Nature Monday 10-23-2017.jpg
  2. GGO.jpg Great Gray Owl, Sax-Zim Bog, MN, 2/17. Wish I could get my images to post full size.
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  3. White Slough, Vallejo CA.
  4. My first Whale watch Whale watch 2.jpg
  5. American Rubyspot (female) -- late August, southern NH _DSC2536.jpg
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  7. Possibly a Cross Orbweaver. _A0A6386.jpg
  8. Like an illusionist's trick, this image made use of an invisible wire, a spider's silk. DSC_1734_crop_irfansharpadj_resize.jpg
  9. Oh Deer!

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  10. Awosting Falls 10 2010-6-1.jpg

    Awosting Falls.

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