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Discussion in 'Nature' started by sallymack, Nov 6, 2017.

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  1. Deer surprised

  2. There are two deers
  3. I only saw one but, you are right, there seem to be two tails.
  4. Deer is both singular and plural.
  5. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    "Deers" is also an acceptable plural, although it is seldom used.
  6. I just see one tail, but I think there has to be two deer, because the rear end that you can see can't be connected to the head unless a deer can turn it's head 220 degrees to the left, which it can't. :) I think that makes this a cool trick picture.
  7. That's interesting. Dunno, that's what I saw thru the lens in an instant with the camera. File info says Nikon 28-300mm @300mm with Nikon D300s. Effective focal length 450mm 1/640s f/5.6 ISO 800. It (or they?) disappeared soon after the capture.

    Not a trick picture. I don't like trick pictures and this is a Nature Forum.
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  8. Common Raven, Sitting on the rim of the Grand Canyon, taking in the view, a Raven landed on an adjacent tree just beyond the minimum focusing distance of my 400mm lens. After about a dozen shots I just enjoyed watching the Raven preen. A quarter hour well spent![​IMG]
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  9. I certainly was not suggesting this was anything other than a totally legitimate and unedited image. I just think it is cool that it is unexpectedly two deer, not one. And only after looking closely and seeing that something doesn’t look right do you see what is really going on - seemingly a deer in front grazing toward the rear and a second deer in the back looking at you. Sorry if my post sounded accusatory. Actually I think this also belongs in the “didn’t see that when I took the pic” post. :)
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  10. Now I cannot unsee what you pointed out. Bummer! :eek: :)
  11. HoofArted

    HoofArted SE Ohio

    I'd seen pictures of Hooded Mersangers but never though I'd actually see one. I never know what I'll stumble across and am amazed at the diversity of wildlife I see locally. aDuck_1117_9442.jpg
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  12. Isn't that exciting. I have seen them locally as well - one time it was just way too cold and windy (for me). Amazing how cold they can endure.
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