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  1. image.jpeg Found at the Pennypack Nature Preserve
  2. I agree 100 percent!

    And... on rare occasions all of the factors involved come together to make a special photo.

    The backgrounds are especially difficult with damselflies. They are usually found within a foot or so of the ground. Thus the background is often not as clean as one would like. Additionally, one is often limited in your camera angles if you want to get as much of the subject in focus as possible... depth of field is always an issue at these magnification. Of course, that is a plus as far as backgrounds go!

    In this photo, the background is the shallow water at the edge of a lake. I was kneeling in about a foot of water and this pair of damselflies was between me and the shore.

    Not being afraid of getting wet (or dirty) is also a big part of wildlife photography!
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  3. Your image is well executed - credit to your skill and the opportunity. The background is perfect and the parallel composition is just so. I can see your taking care to have all components nicely placed and distinctly displayed... :)
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