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    Monday Morning Greetings,
    I hope you've had a great week and have been able to get out and make the most of the wilds around you. It's been crazy here, with no time to write, but there's always time for fungi. Mushroom programs always require new photos, and this was one of my favorites from the day. Darkening skies offered some drama to the ambient light while lazy thunder and showers made us happy for bags with raincoats.
    The last Monday in Nature for May has perfect light, but no doubt, plenty of dramatic images. Have a great day, everyone.
  2. The early bird gets the worm. It pays to get up early and walk, with camera in hand.
  3. Creeping willow
  4. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    Our migrants have moved on, but the locals staying around now.
    Northern Parula Warbler, Cool Creek, Carmel, IN (Pentax K5ii, 150-450 @450)
  5. Bewick Wren seen at Lady Bird Wildflower Center in Austin.
  6. Red Squirrel, back-lit by late afternoon sun.
  7. Egg sac at water's edge.
  8. Mycena - Stack of 8 images
  9. A Northern Water Snake poses for the camera.
  10. Bumble bee on a wet morning
  11. Bill, the last time I saw a Northern Water Snake that close, and in that posture, it was getting ready to eat my boots. It's amazing how fast they are, even when wrapped around rocks and being pulled downstream by a current.
  12. Gordon B - gorgeous.
  13. A simple spider web.
  14. Laura,
    The thing definitely startled me as I walked by the canal it was in (snakes give me the willies anyway). Knowing nothing about their behavior, I just stood there naively taking photos until it slinked (slank?) back into the water.
  15. Not much time to go out and take pictures this weekend. A few vines of ivy from my front yard is all I got.
  16. The iris are starting to bloom, and with them come the little bugs that like iris juice. Not quite sure what they are, but they drill holes in the buds. It was windy, and hard to catch them well.
  17. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Forster's Tern (Sterna forsteri) with catch
  18. Two adelid moths that seem to have backed into one another
  19. Pink lady slipper.
  20. We have these hot pokers all over the neighborhood.
    Gordon, that's an unusual view of this critter. V. nice.
  21. Old and new ?
  22. Osprey and prey. Pentax K-5 IIs and HD Pentax-DA 55-300 f/4-5.8 ED WR with Kiron MC7 2X teleconverter.
  23. N. R. Parsons, welcome to MiN. Beautiful Osprey.
    Gordon, the squirrel is really nice. Well seen.
  24. Chickadee With Beak Full Of Midges

  25. [​IMG]Natural debris and water reflections on the St.Lawrence river near Candiac Quebec
  26. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    N. R. Parsons. Interesting shot, especially considering that you used the 55-300 with a 2X teleconvertor. I have been very impressed with that lens (and the Kiis), but I'm amazed you got something that sharp out of that combo. You manually focused, correct?
  27. Douglas, yes, the teleconverter has a KA mount, but not KAF, so I focused manually, using a monopod to steady the setup. I also have a Katzeye focusing screen in the camera.
    I was surprised by the sharpness of the combination, too. I've tried the TC with other telephoto and zoom lenses, including the DA 50-200, with nothing like these results. It seems the 55-300 and the Kiron TC complement each other pretty well.
  28. stemked

    stemked Moderator

    N.R. I've generally had my nose in the air regarding 2X TCs (save the 2X-L for long lenses). But that's intriguing as a light-weight travel set. I appreciate the info.

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