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    Mushroom season of a sort has finally started. At last that deep aroma has returned. The only thing that smells better than fungi is coffee. They are starting to pop up everywhere, even in little urban parks. Some pretty nice fungal images have already graced the forum this spring. There will, no doubt be many more to come. These pretty Coprinellus micaceus were growing in small clusters on buried wood in an urban area. They will deliquesce and provide the dandelion seeds a nice place to grow.
    No matter if your nature is deep in the back of beyond or more cosmopolitan, it is welcome and at home on Monday in Nature.
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    Well, went out for morels but struck out. Instead..
    [​IMG]Yellow Throated Warbler, Indianapolis. Pentax k3 150-450
  3. False Hellebore, NC Pa.
  4. White-Wing Dove landing in my backyard.
  5. Marsh marigolds have appeared everywhere, at our local bog.
  6. Raindrops - from the back yard.
  7. Captive plant
  8. Brown Pelican
  9. Laura, as always your mushroom photo is gorgeous.

    My picture of scum on a freshwater pond would be of the "deep in the back of beyond" category.
  10. One of my favorite spring wildflowers. On a soggy wet rainy day, Iowa.
  11. One of the pleasures of Spring is the scent of lilacs
  12. Last night's rain hanging on a tulip.
  13. [​IMG]Good Day and thank you for sharing all of the lovely images. Mine was taken on a winter break from Quebec in the Dominican Republic close to a beach. I was on a lounge chair, looked up and thought that this might make an interesting photo. This is a coconut tree but all of the coconuts have been harvested for sale.
  14. Hi,
    We were all satisfied as the spring was here, but at the end of April a short winter outbreak brought about 25cm (10 inches) of snow. Some tulips were struggling on their way to the light. A lot of trees and bushes lost their fight.
    May the light be with all of you, Miha.
  15. Not quite sure where this was taken, well in the desert for sure.
  16. I've been experimenting with the improbable Yasuhara Nanoha x5 super macro lens on my Sony a7, using it out and about without tripod or macro rail. I won't describe it as handheld since most of the time camera, lens and/or hands were propped up by something. Not surprising with a working distance in the order of 5mm and an area of superthin focus around 8x5mm - any bug on a rock or wooden post/stump is only focusable by resting the setup at point blank range on that very same rock or wooden pust/stump. Here's an expecting pseudoscorpion at f32 1/60sec iso3200 Ev+0.7 (no flash or LED light sources used):
  17. Sunrise last Saturday on the shore of Lake Michigan here in Milwaukee
  18. Heavily cropped shot of a Red-headed duck with an itch (first time I've seen it at this pond) and American Wigeon. Taken with Pentax k-3 and Sigma 150-500, neither of which are any longer in my possession.
  19. Paul, where's the image? You got our appetites all wet, and some of us are drooling. ;-))
  20. Maybe my upload was so tiny that it fell down a pinhole in the internet superhighway... let's try again:
  21. Turtle Dove
  22. Low Bush Blueberry
  23. Visiting with relatives in Texas, we went to Hermann park in Houston, and everywhere we turned, there were weddings going on. This little guy looked to be getting into the spirit.
  24. I missed seeing the wood frogs at the pond this year, but they seem to have done quite well.
    Canon XSi, Tamron 70-300 VC
  25. Calliope Hummingbird, El Dorado County California
  26. Red Shoulder Hawk (I think), Pacific Grove, CA
  27. Well, it's been a while since I've been on PN. Nice to see that Laura is still doing the Monday in Nature posts. A few weeks ago I got to revisit the Rio Celeste waterfalls with my new 10-stop ND filter.
  28. Siegfried,
    Welcome back. It's good to see you again. The water is an amazing color amid the greens. Maybe a good place for a swim?
  29. From what I hear you used to be able to take a dip but now it's fenced off with "Do not enter" signs. The color really is surreal. If you go to the end of the trail you reach the spot where a underground spring mixes with the river and the chemical reaction takes place that creates the color. It goes from perfectly clear to opaque light blue in a matter of a few feet.
  30. Turkish Sedum
    Sony A7Rii + FE 24-70/2.8 GM

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