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Discussion in 'Nature' started by Laura Weishaupt, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Good Morning,
    This week my time with MiN comes to an end. I hoped to take us to the 4th anniversary, but it's not going to happen. There are currently too many pressures on my time and they are all pulling in different directions. That might be workable, but frustrations with the new site only add to the situation. I'm stepping away from photonet for awhile.

    What happens next is up to you. Maybe someone else will want to open the door in the coolest room on photonet. It's always been an honor and a pleasure to be in your company. MiN is unique because of you. Thanks for coming to the party. I hope you keep it going. Cheers and best wishes.
    Monday nature 3-13.JPG
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  2. Laura...we will miss you. This has always been my favorite forum on PN....My image today is of a Bluebird seen in Austin, Texas. Nature Monday 3-13-2017.jpg
  3. IMG_0991.JPG

    sea gull
  4. Thank you for your efforts Laura, hope you are able to tame your beasts and return refreshed one day DSC_5350x1000.JPG
  5. I'm going to miss you a lot, Laura, and I sure hope you come back after some time off. Here's an image of tranquility for you--taken yesterday morning as the rising sun was starting to lift the fog.

  6. Blue Eyed Grass _A0A3888.jpg
  7. A time for all things, so it is said. I will miss your gentle reminders of my latest PN rule goof! Thank you for the friendship offered. I too, am fading away.
  8. Sorry to see you go Laura - thanks to you I have enjoyed learning about ubiquitous fungi and even seen beauty in slime molds!
    I've discovered and photographed 70 different species in my 2.5 acre patch of woodland, here is one from last year and like most
    remains unidentified. 8 stacked exposures of 2.5s at f/32 ISO 400.
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  9. Problem with upload...sorry does seem to want to load a photo this morning.
  10. Laura enjoy your time off and I look forward to your return.
    Red-tail making a lunch of a mouse.
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  11. Sorry to hear that you are leaving however I completely understand your frustrations with the new site. This MiN thread is about the only thing that keeps me coming back. I will hope that your time frees up in the future and PN gets its act together eventually. Until then all the best and thanks for all of your past efforts to keep the best thing about PN alive each week. Here is a red fox spotted alongside of my driveway about 20 minutes ago. I got some closer photos but they included the split rail fence behind the garden. _MG_6561-Edit.jpg
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  12. Laura, so sorry you're leaving! Your direction has made this the best forum on PN. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful photos elsewhere. --Sally FB-room-3060031.jpg
  13. Sorry to see you leave Laura. I hope you will return soon. IMG_4786_Mus.jpg
  14. Sorry to see you go, Laura. Come back soon.

    Trumpeter swans trumpeter swans 2.jpg
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  15. Spring is here. I hope you like the photo. Nikon_17_05.jpg
  16. X-T10, 18-55 mm
  17. Laura,
    Thanks for all your work on this forum. All the best for the future and look I forward to coming across your name in other naturalist and photographic communities.

    This image is a late impression of the passing winter, bare alders growing among bare willows. DSC_0913_crop_irfansharpadj_resize_irfansharp.jpg
  18. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Unfortunately, I am afraid that all good things will come to an end some day. Laura, I am quite sure that all of us really appreciate your weekly effort for almost four years. I hope you'll be back soon.

    Song sparrow

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  19. From last summer:

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