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Discussion in 'Nature' started by Edwin Barkdoll, Jul 31, 2017.

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  1. Gup, snakes are cool!
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  2. I'm so glad that I didn't open MiN this morning. Edwin's opener is one of the best images ever posted on this forum and should be an inspiration to us all. I was speechless when I saw it this morning. Edwin, please tell us how you got that.

    In the springtime the woods are filled with people looking for morels. I'm happy to stay at home with my feet next to the fire with a warm cup of anything. I know that they will all be gone when it's nasty hot and humid. This is when some of the finest mushrooms for the mycophagist appear in the forest. Lactarius corrugis is often overlooked or ignored by people who claim to know their mushrooms. Fine by me. This most excellent mushroom grows in profusion in southeastern forests, but is infrequent in my area. Each one is appreciated for robust flavor and texture that is the perfect gastronomic companion to everything from red meat to Thai noodles. Keep the morels.....these are soooo much better.

    The image is a bit of a stacking project with little surprises like the animal hair and the water droplets inside the rear mushroom (different than the white latex droplets). I'm happy that I have this to contribute to an incredible group of images today. Monday nature 7-31.jpg
  3. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Laura -- have to laugh. A long ago Fiance's mother harvested mushrooms in the woods near their house. She seemed quite expert, but I always had misgivings when mushrooms were part of dinner.
  4. Awesome collection of nature images!

    Here's something I recently shot.

    Flying Pollinator Bee on Lambs Ear Doo37 copy.jpg
  5. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Nicely done, Mary! I've gotten a couple of decent ones, but not quite that sharp.
  6. Thanks. Just a lot of patience, trial and errors with a fast-enough shutter speed. :)
  7. Some sort of fungal growth on an expired cattail. Reed with growth.jpg
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  8. DSC_1113_hpadj_pscrop1_sharp_adj_resize.jpg bishop pine and forest at Pt. Reyes.
  9. Thanks, Laura. Fortuitous combo of my wife's finding it and my having enough magnification to shoot it.

    Shot with a Macro Nikkor 65mm f/4.5 wide open with 250mm (?guess) extension and 6 stacked images. Since it was a shed exoskeleton I didn't have to worry about its running away!
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  10. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Snakes are cool, but captured with a 35mm lens? I would use at least a 300mm and stay far away. :)
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  11. Shun, I also have these in my backyard and I would shoot with a macro lens if needed. But my sister screamed when she saw one in my garage. She scared the poor snake. ;)
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  12. Edwin, thanks for the info. Rick and I had a small discussion about the possibilities. I've found that luck is an important piece of gear....not always in ones possession, but never to be ignored. Really wonderful image.

    Snakes????? Black Rat Snakes are also ones that are good for close ups with a short lens. They are quite docile (as long as you're not a rat) and I've seen at least 1 that was 6 ft long just slowly cruisin' down the trail.

    Sandy, there is a "Mushroom Feast" at a nearby mycological society annual foray. Last one I attended had 29 unique dishes from soup to cake, hot and cold. ALL raw mushrooms are approved by one guy and that guy confirms all the ID's. It's one hell of a meal and is legendary among myco society circles. We recently had out of town company and I took them into the woods so they could help pick chanterelles for dinner with my guidance. Till then mushrooms were an item in the grocery store. Of course they had to take pictures.

    bnelson, I can't speak to the cattail or the possible fungal presence. Here is a link to an article on fungi that grow on cattails in Poland. Who knew there would be so many?
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  13. Slime mold culminating
    july 31 17.jpg
  14. Morning Golden Hour on the Neshaminy
    BlueHeron under  x 1400-0558.jpg
  15. Hey Mark,
    The wildlife and nature will be great around Bethlehem starting Aug 4th. Bring your camera and a lens or 2. Maybe we'll see you there.

    Oops, forgot the link to the Poland article. I clearly need more mushrooms.
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  16. Butterfly and Turk's Cap

  17. Thanks, Laura! I knew you would help :)
  18. Rick, love the slime mold. Be very cool to see a time lapse of it forming. Probably on YouTube...
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