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  1. Slow start this week, but I'll give it a bump with a fuzzy wuzzy cuddly little bear:

    polar bear.jpg
  2. [​IMG]Eaglet flying across the moon by Tom Yin, on Flickr
    Had some great luck with an eaglet I was watching while eating dinner on a pontoon boat. Pretty challenging conditions with the fading light, long lens and bobbing boat. These are screen grabs from a video with the individual shots stiched together in PS.
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  4. Hummingbird in Austin, Texas. Nature Monday 7-30-2018.jpg
  5. Fantastic capture! May I ask where and when to satisfy my curiosity about the melting snow and fractured ice in the background?
  6. The where was Svalbard Archipelago (Norway, very far north). The when was June 26 of this year - in other words midsummer, so one expects a little melting, but global warming is having a very visible effect, with glaciers receding and so forth.

    by the way, I was on a Zodiac, not sharing land with the bear, but close enough.
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  7. _4DF0281.jpg California Quail (I believe a juvenile)
  8. Tanzania--Lake-Manyara-environs.jpg
    dispersal of baboon troop​
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