Monday in Nature July 17, 2017

Discussion in 'Nature' started by Laura Weishaupt, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. Good Morning,
    I came to visit after a good day with fungi and the camera. Myxomycetes are such cool organisms. They are predators and works of art all at the same time. They are also ignored my most folks because they are so tiny and often difficult to see. After wet spells get out and sit with old well rotted logs. Look close and that small world comes into view. If you don't have a 1:1 macro lens, these little scenes provide a great reason to get one.

    This is Metatrichia vesparium, an easily recognizable slime mold with it's distinctive stature and wasp nest appearance. The spores are bright red and are just starting to emerge on springy threads. The image is a stack of 5 at 1:1 in ambient light. Nature is one unfolding scene after another, especially when it's Monday in Nature. Have a great day, everyone.

    Monday nature 7-17.jpg
  2. As the sun was setting, there was a log of Artomyces pyxidatus. Took some quick shots because of the lighting. I like the way this one came out.

    july 17 17.jpg
  3. Cool photos, Laura, Rick. Amazing, the micro-organisms among us.

    From barely visible delicate fungus to a detail of a cactus plant measuring some 10 feet tall.

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  4. Death by flower

    I found this moth dangling by its proboscis from a dogbane flower. I assume that it somehow became inadvertently trapped as opposed to dying mid-sip from toxicity since a variety of lepidopterans feed on this and the related milkweeds.

  5. Something a bit bigger: elk bull in Banff National Park
  6. Wood stork. New computer not calibrated yet so not sure how this is coming through. Upside down pnet2 br.jpg
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  7. Water lily - macro using a telephoto at 213mm.

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  8. Life goes on.... beetles on iris.jpg
  9. Nature Monday 7-17-2017.jpg A view from my patio in south Austin.
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  11. More Bug porn. Ladybugs.jpg
  12. Gup

    Gup Gup

    This girl was quite patient with me as I slowly encroached on her space. Once she spun her ears toward me I didn't press my luck any further. I'm sure she would have just retreated further into the woods but I didn't wish to interrupt her lunch.

    I find using my 105mm to be challenging for this kind of work. I bought it for macro but find more and more that I don't even carry my 200mm with me anymore opting instead to shoot long with this one. My bag is lighter but I have to carry it further. 6 of one, half dozen of the other, as my Mum used to say.

    moose wm 900 7668.jpg
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    TONY0017 - seed head.jpg

    As usual, no idea !​
  14. Here's an Atlantic Puffin from Machias Seal Island off the coast of Maine:

  15. Three (of four) juvenile green herons on our local pond...

  16. DSC_0868_crop_irfansharpadj_resize.jpg Wasp flying some waste out of nest.
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  17. Cedar Waxwing fledglings. Cedar Waxwingswm.jpg
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