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    Bald eagle in flight, in Milpitas, California, USA

  2. male Gadwall, Colusa County California
  3. Mockingbird in central Texas. Nature Monday 1-29-2018.jpg
  4. San Luis National Wildlife Refuge yesterday.
    San Luis.jpg
  5. The water looks a little bit unhealthy today....

    death in a high key.jpg
  6. Roger G

    Roger G Roger G

    Common Goldeneye, Rio Grande, near Taos NM 218A4482 mod.jpg
  7. Detail of developing wood fern. DSC_1510_crop_irfansharpadj_resize_sharp.jpg
  8. Northern Harrier, male.

  9. A little reminder (uncovered by a very flooded floodplain) that spring isn't too far away for some of us:

  10. Visited the Hong Kong Wetland Park two weeks ago. I feel the blinds were a bit far from the shore birds, and the lighting was not great. Anyhow, here's a casual scene of some birds hanging around.

    Olympus EM1 II with 300mm + MC-14 lens @420mm (effective 841mm): f/7.1; 1/1000s ISO 1250
  11. Gup

    Gup Gup

    This is the end of a fjord 2,600' below Newfoundland's Gros Morne.

    Gros Morne fijord cruise 1000 wm 7893.jpg
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