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  1. Looks like this page is ultra long. Finally was able to load a photo (?)
    Something from Shun's neighborhood (Moss Landing).


  2. Anyone has an idea what happened here ? The image is 800 pixels on the long end.

  3. Looks like we're back to the future. I don't know anymore than anyone else. Maybe admins will let us in on the new rules of the road like pixel size. There are many things to get used to, so lets try to help one another. I'm going to start a new thread so we can practice..........I don't even know if posting the intro is the same, but there is a familiar look and feel to things, which is a nice improvement from 2.0
  4. One from the other coast: [​IMG]
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  5. Better late that never Femaile Blue Jay x1000 PN-.jpg

  6. Leszek
    , you have to select if you want the image to appear full size or thumbnail after you upload it. Next time you upload, scroll down to see the option to select. You also can post larger with the new system.Though I kept my image at 1000 pixels. The system can handle much wider and it will resize to fit, but you have the option to click on that image and see the higher res version. Don't know if they will change the rules for uploading nature photos now or not.
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