Monday in Nature Feb 13, 2017

Discussion in 'Nature' started by lgw, Feb 13, 2017.

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  1. Good Morning,

    There's nothing wrong with your camera or TV they say. It's like any other day. You grab your camera and go into the woods. It's familiar, but something has changed. Some things are here but others are missing, as if left on a table in the distant past, yet you remember. You step lightly and look for friends. When you find them their names are changed and their faces look like pictures in boxes, like the frames of a photographer's uneasy dreamscape. PARAGRAPH They leave notes in the wilderness and tell you where they've been, and then you don't feel so alone. It's an ISO 100 sky with the canopy closing in. The ferns are like giants as you get smaller. You can't help but wonder if the terrain ahead is rocky. Maybe there is a cool stream in a clearing with smooth water. For now, all is deep in the tangled understory with the messy rabbit hole full of photos close by. Monday nature 2-13.jpg Then, you emerge from the hole only to realize that someone has indeed changed the channel to infra-red. It feels like the Twilight Zone, but you can relax because you're in the familiar and comforting place known as Monday in Nature.
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  2. Good Morning...this is what Austin, Texas looked liked yesterday. Nature Monday 2-13-2017.jpg Temps were in the mid-80's.
  3. MiN-moss-2090016.jpg Moss flourishes due to recent rains.
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  4. The advantages of a snow day:

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  5. Cucumber Falls at Ohiopyle State Park in Southwestern PA. It's been a crazy winter - all of the snow was gone by the next day...
  6. _DSC5781.jpg The snow and ice did not deter these two
  7. Brown water snake in Sweetwater Wetlands Park, Florida. Books advises "bites readily" and I can believe it!
    Unfortunately I get an error when I try to upload a file.
  8. icy cold falls.jpg Cold enough for you?
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  9. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Avocet with mating plumage

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  10. Ink Cap Mushroom. Coprinus ? _A0A3370.jpg
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  11. PhotoNet this week!
  12. This is my first try at posting a photo on the new site so hope all goes well..
    Hummingbirds are getting an early start this year, hope that's a sign we'll have an early spring.
    Anna's Hummingbird on nest, Southern Vancouver Island
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  13. Another try... Can't post caption :-( Nat_17_01.jpg
  14. MaryDooBlueLagoon.jpg This is part of the famous Blue Lagoon of Iceland. I was blown away by the amount of lava rocks in Iceland. - Volcano country it is. The Blue Lagoon is in a huge lava field. You can see in this image that this huge bed of lava rocks is covered by a layer of green moss. The warm "blue" waters are rich in mineral such as silica and sulfur, so bathing in the Blue Lagoon is supposed to help beautify the skin.
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