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  1. Happy holidays, all! And to start off: a long-billed curlew.
  2. Another curlew from south Texas. DSC_1068.jpg
  3. Aren't they gorgeous?
  4. YES they are. Mine was found on North Padre Island, Texas.
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  5. Is this how they got the name 'swallow'? Parent feeding a very persistent youngster without even landing.
    Docking succesful.jpg
  6. I was out photographing mushrooms a couple of days ago when the local bachelor herd showed up. The result: charismatic megafauna as seen through a macro lens. (Roosevelt Elk at Redwood National Park)

  7. Christmas Day snow DSC_8003x1000.JPG
  8. ShunCheung

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    White-tailed Kite, in Palo Alto, California, on Christmas Day

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  9. Mine's from northern California.
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  10. A bite late to the party
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  11. Blue Heron at Blackwater WLR

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