Monday in Nature, December 18

Discussion in 'Nature' started by fgorga, Dec 18, 2017.

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  1. Well, I'll get things started again this week...

    Willet with Prey (from last March on the Florida panhandle) _DSC5237.jpg
  2. PN-kestrel-7399.jpg Kestrel.
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  3. Egret, Monterey Bay
    Monterey Bay 17e_Egret_6.jpg
  4. This Hoary Bat Lasiurus cinereus was taking its' daytime nap in plain view on our house here in Uruguay. This shot is from below looking up at that adorable little face. They are widely distributed throughout the Americas. Apparently, they like to eat moths which may explain why it was hanging out near an exterior lamp. Hoary Bat.jpg
  5. Roseate Spoonbill wing spread  (1 of 1).jpg Roseate Spoonbill
  6. I went out looking for birds yesterday but they all flew away. Winter dark and drear. So here's a hopeful nod to the summer to come....

    dragonporn crop.jpg
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    This morning, both fgorga and sallymack started Monday in Nature threads within the same minute, and I received two e-mail notifications. Fortunately, 2.0 provides the capability to merge threads together. It looks like fgorga might have posted seconds earlier so that his post appears first in the combined thread. Thanks a lot to both fgorga and Sally for your effort.

    My image for this week is two male Northern Shovelers fighting for dominance, in Palo Alto, California

  8. Great egret feeding.
    Nikon D300 with 200-400mm + 1.4x lens @550mm (effective 825mm) 1/1500s f/8 ISO 400
  9. Great action shot Shun!
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  10. Thanks, Shun, sorry for the confusion. Glad it worked out.

    Great pictures, as usual, in MiN. --Sally
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  11. American White Pelican...White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas. DSC_2932.jpg
  12. Colors of a grazed-on bolete DSC_1896_crop_irfansharpadj_resize.jpg
  13. Worton Creek Ospreys. I hope a daymarker is OK to use on te Nature form DSC_3560 (3) (1280x1091).jpg
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    Sally, it is not anybody's fault. Since this forum no longer has one dedicated person to start threads every week, all you can do is to check and make sure there is no current thread on a Monday, and then start a few thread. Occasionally multiple people would be doing that at the same time, but now it is easy enough to combine the threads.

    Thanks again to all.
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  15. Frosty Dandelion. Very nice photos this week.
  16. Preening Pintail Pintail at CRP preening.jpg
  17. Phragmites in winter

    George's Island Park 03 2015 9.jpg
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