Monday in Nature - August 28, 2017

Discussion in 'Nature' started by gordonjb, Aug 28, 2017.

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  1. The nights are starting to become cool and my favourite time of year is fast approaching.
    With all of the rain we've been having this summer in the Northeast I'm hoping for a bumper crop of fungi finds this autumn.
    I found many of these Entoloma quadratum scattered about the forest floor this past week.

    As always, I am curious to see what you have discovered and photographed in nature this week.

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  2. Hermit Thrasher in central Texas. Nature Monday 8-28-2017.jpg
  3. Caught this strange pose of a bumble bee staring at the camera. Look at that pollen sac!

  4. This is one of the Archaea photos that will be in my upcoming wetlands exhibit. Each little knob consists of millions and millions of Archaea cells which formed around a twig or plant stem, the white is salt (it's a salt marsh). One of the oldest life forms on earth, some 3 billion years old, Archaea is a one-celled microbe without a nucleus. In the name of "restoration" the Archaea were bulldozed and flooded with brackish water when the area was restored to tidal influence a year ago. However, I've seen signs that it may have survived, the microbiologist who ID'd it (I had no idea what it was) will be taking samples.

    Liking the way it looked, I was photographing Archaea long before I was able to find someone who could ID it.

  5. Canada Darner (male) with Prey (SW New Hampshire)

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    Had the 80-400 on since I went out to photograph an airplane. It was gone, but I saw this tiny interesting insect on proportionately tiny flowers.
  8. Eclipse-23.jpeg Last legs of eclipse in the clouds.
  9. I have another image of the opener, the Entoloma quadratum (aka Nolanea quadrata and Entoloma salmoneum). I had collected it at my last foray on the way back for lunch. There were beautiful patches of them throughout the woods. As I put this in the bag I saw the bug, then looked with the 10x hand lens. It's a fungal 2fer, with a crane fly on it's final perch, completely done in by mature Entomophthora muscae. Lunch didn't matter any more and fearing it wouldn't make the trip back I set down the camera bag and had fun. Monday nature 8-29.JPG
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